Fiscal Cliff Budget Reform Is Legislation The Congress Was Afraid to Pass Directly

The substantive budget cuts and return to Clinton-era tax rates seems to be the medicine the nation needs but that the Congress is afraid to pass. The high school grad talk radio conservative millionaires are of course doctrinaire anti-taxers and anti-regulators believing that perhaps an honor system on pollution and consumer protection might work better, yet we are skeptical that the benevolence of the rich..including the intellectual mandarins of pro sports, musicians and business globalists would prefer to make any sort of personal financial sacrifice if needed to save whales, wolves or a reasonable atmospheric temperature.
Charging two protracted and dubiously designed foreign nation-rebuilding effort while cutting taxes was contra to any U.S. political economy since the civil war when president Lincoln imposed an income tax to pay for the conflict. Not only has the Republican Party exercised bad political leadership-they are not Gracchi nor Cato- they have gone along with the globalism that progressively subverts local political autonomy. In the final two centuries of the Roman Republic the Republicans just lost their bearings leaving the proletariat nothing besides developing their class interests as loyalists to a Caesar (assassinated) and Empire.
The British Empire lost their colonies yet replaced the directly political power with global economic power more of interests to that little geographic area than nations like the U.S.A. When Republican leadership is something less than classically nationalistic yet benevolent toward the less fortunate nations of the world not enough intention is given to sustaining the U.S.A. in a building up, green development with liberty and economic justice for all citizens.
One must wonder if the fiscal cliff was just the Congress’s way of getting necessary economic reform done quick and dirty without taking credit for it. I at least will give them credit for that. It would have been better to design something more approximating Utopia though through a participatory and well led democracy.