Hands and Feet Used in Homicides Twice as Often as Rifles in the U.S.A.

Personal weapons such as hands, feet and head butts killed about twice as many people in the U.S.A. as rifles in 2011. Rifles including ‘assault’ rifles were used to kill 323 people while the unarmed beating to death method of murder took 728 lives.
During the 1970s when automobiles were used as assault weapons on city sidewalks occasionally there was no talk of banning automobiles although if they had global warming might have been delayed. Of the past four sensational gun homicides in the U.S.A. three of the perps were legally in possession of a weapon. That is the weapons used were stolen, borrowed or already banned. The Aurora shooter was in the bosom of the psychiatric community already as a neuroscientific graduate student-the class of people the government wants to use to decide who should own weapons in America. V.I.Lenin would have agreed that state psychiatrists should have the final word on American civil liberties.