Reduce Patent Exclusivity to 7 Years to Stimulate Competition

Next session of Congress action should be taken to reduce the period of patents to 7 years. That would stimulate business development without increasing taxes.

This is a future look back at this time in Y’Earth history excerpted from my novel ‘St. Novilistricka; Dimensions 2nd Ed.

Nearly two centuries before Kopernik local time intellectual property rights were altered in order to accelerate ecological economic recovery efforts. Instead of ninety-five year copyrights for trans-national corporations and equally absurd patent right time periods for socially generated ideas it was decided by remaining democracies of Y’Earth that seven years would be the time period–non-renewable –for patents and copyrights with ideas registered becoming public domain thereafter. Inventors would be given ten per cent gross revenues for any patented idea exploited from the public domain for a century after as well.
Such a radical revision of intellectual property rights assured that inventions and ideas could be used quickly in national economies of the world to accelerate ecological economic growth. More inventions made by combining new public domain ideas could be synergized additionally accelerating inventions. Inventors were protected well and inventors received increased revenue in the more general applications of their ideas than in the exclusive-for-generations, procedures that had retarded global ecological security and supported oligopolistic corporatist business and management cartels.
Because democracy withered under trans-national corporatism the change to a freedom of ideas regime released too many inventions for the corrupt federal governments of the worlds to expropriate and control through corporate partners.