Red Chinese Bid to Take Top U.S. Pork Producer & Department of Defense Secrets!

How Americans can live with a Red Chinese take-over of the pride of the Hog farm is uncertain. American hogs controlled by the Chinese could lead to unknown and dangerous consequents. It hadn’t occurred to me before that no Muslim oil country  would be a likely competitor in the field of pig production or barbeque’d pork and beans even with the secret sauce.

In the long-run the sale of U.S. infrastructure to the Chinese and other interested parties may increase. The Reds could buy all those highway bridges and fix-em when the states are broke. Someone will have to rebuild the roads so the SUV homes-on-wheels with someplace to go have a way to get there. The next two or three hundred years of U.S. highways need to be solid.
Diversification economically by owning American homes through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and farming animals while hacking free defense technology are necessary ways for the populous and upwardly mobile Chinese nation to buy into a nation with a printing press and e-mint creating a surplus of dollars. China as a wise investor must know that inflation may drive up prices in the future because of the Federal Reserves copious increase of money supply at zero interest to banks too big to fail.
Buying big now will help offset the devaluation of their foreign currency reserves of the dollar when inflation finally arises or if the dollar crashes. Swine probably have more really value than submarines in some respects, especially if the Chinese have copies of all the useful secret vepun stuff from D.O.D. and their codes too.

The U.S. Government ought to diversify into more direction of the U.S. economy such that all Americans have a job while all the high-level h.s. is going on. Keeping creative Americans broke and puffing up Wall Street isn’t really the better long-term, or short-run strategy for the U.S. leadership to wallow in. Time will prove that nationalism wasn’t really obsolete or superfluous these years.

Red China does not allow American corporations to buy a majority interest in their corporations, and there isn’t a valid reason why the U.S. should allow the Chinese to buy a controlling stake in any American corporation. Congress ought to pass legislation right away making it so. I would think that such a mirror law should pass international trade court review.