Rumors About Fate of

It is said that ‘the creative side’ of will be eliminated by Health Guru Media that took over sometime in April 2013. Gatherers aren’t sure of what is going on, except that little works at the site and uploading is mostly frozen. Hunting isn’t as feasible as gathering in the modern economy, yet gatherers may need to hunt for the few places that allow intellectual writing liberty along with the potential for earning a little-even for creating videos and uploading photos.

Is Gather’s problem Java’s vulnerability announced Jab. 10, 2013? Or is it an executive Health Guru Media decision to cut down gather? Is there anyone at Health Guru Media who would put some kind of news update on the Gather front page?

It’s hard to believe that gutting a web site with advertisers and such is a good business choice. Wouldn’t most sell it off or something?

In 1980 I learned some computer programming and though I didn’t stay with that, I still have a sense about it. A temporary remedy of taking out or disabling hyperlinks and java and letting posts continue ought to be simple. Maybe the creative side could be made to be a profit sharing place for writers-perhaps as a non-profit co-op?