Five Sigma (a poem)

The facts of contemporary history were unevenly distributed
theoretical functions of state 
transformed into Utopia of global networks
gauge symmetry rotations 2/3rds of the way to happiness crashed
like a polar cap melting down
when even frogs were in decline

The rotational symmetry of the political world dark and deep
currents of transformation rise
while the world’s fast asleep
when hallucinukes float through the keyholes
cascading waters surging forward
bosons forced through field dreams

Assemblies of atoms stay solidly together
running through time in all kinds of weather
particles swollen in fields with gravity pulling together
sunshine and rain sites of blue whales
Sampson and Armstrong sorting through lunar shale

Bone thugs beat a symbolism of signs
in a race to the bottom gathering dusty brine
constructing all things for a network of hives
counter-cyclically encompassing all things alive

With the immoral; compass inevitably pointing wrong
Them is a lost direction
Of dance in a song.