Will Snowden Be the First Test Case of N.D.A.A. Extraordinary Rendition From Ecuador?

Will Edward Snowden become a test case for the National Defense Authorization Act provisions of 2012 and 2013 that allow arrest and detention of U.S. citizens abroad? One wonders how that act would conflict with any extradition treaties or lack thereof such as with Ecuador where the N.S.A. contractor fugitive seems to be trying to go.

Maybe Mr. Snowden meant well, certainly the fugitive Julian Assange of wikileaks looks upon the filching of classified data as beneficial in some way, yet to who?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-23031801 Snowden’s flight route to Equador?



The United States has a history of problems of the sort such as the inventor of the machine gun-Maxxim had. He thought that it would end all war because it was just too effective act killing soldiers. Sometimes spies divulge government secrets, or rather, whistle blowers divulge government secrets because they feel that it is for the greater social good. Even cold war era communist sympathizers had at times similar opinions such that it would be good to balance out secret weapons parity by providing plans to the enemy. Well, who can say how that works out. What is know is that if one swore an oath to keep secrets and broke that oath one has a bill to pay, and Mr. Snowden instead of seeming like a flake should have stayed during the hot summer of global warming in the states to face the music. At least the other misguided soul-Corporal Bradley Manning did not flee to the pristine wilderness of Siberia for summer fishing and winter hiding out in a spa.