D.O.M.A., Snowden and Senegal Added to Skinnerian Political Economy

Edward Snowden’s release of classified N.S.A. data may help foreign hackers exfiltrate commercial American secrets. A song I wrote named Beneath the Stars has lyrics ‘every year it snows that’s just a mace behind your face’. With disposable cell phone communicators for every illegal alien to talk to Pakistan or wherever from the U.S.A. how can N.S.A. computers keep track?
Speaking from Senegal on the subject of homosexual marriage President Obama explained that all people must be treated equal. Equivalence of all things is easy if they all have zero value. If numbers are all equal so must men and women, adults and children, heterosexual and homosexual relationships.
Corrupt elites packing the Supreme Court issued the decision overturning California’s proposition 8 as well as the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.). The judiciary is packed with queer symps of natural democrat ilk. Since Miro Satan was signed and played for the Boston Bruins in the 2010 season it was easy to see with the advertisement where the Eastern establishment’s sympathies lay.
The psychologist B.F. Skinner thought that human beings are equal, as must Doctor ‘Evo’ Dawkins, President Obama and the liberal Supreme Court in the context of being organic bags of impulses with ideas cycling through. The organisms may have property lines and philosophical ideas about the reality of differentiation in solid-state objects, but those ideas are nullified by the equality of things as meaninglessness in-itself.
One might think that liberal use of cocaine and broadcast network power exclusivity supports development of a milieu of belief that the electorate is meaningless and ought to be manipulated by immoral elites above the herd and be correct. There may be more to it than that.
Subjugated meaningless masses of organic units can have high unemployment to keep wages down. They may be managed with food stamps or extended unemployment ‘benefits’ to keep them from becoming militant. Illegal alien immigrant workers can replace the downwardly mobile at low, low wages and bring a better non-intellectual culture to support homosexual couples in retirement. Boston and San Francisco elites probably have planned for-themselves a way-of-the-world godlessness political agenda dumbing-down the masses to save them from global warming, over-population and mass species extinction without danger of violence; just uneventful back-row smothered mates (a basic chess check-mate pattern that chess G.M.’s Anand, Gelfan and others learned at age 5 or 6).
Abortion, homosexuality, concentration of wealth, legal and illegal  drug use like Huxley’s soma, globalism neutralizing national economic and social security in an anti-Christian social environment etc. are some of the content of the evolution of immorality hostile takeover of U.S. pop culture from the top-down. My helium.com page with five peer-reviewed rating stars for 812 articles remaining after some with the q word were deleted reads ‘Member since 2007’. What should also be written is ‘banned since Dec. 24th, 2010’ for being unsupportive of homosexual marriage.

When I took a Bachelor of Arts degree from Excelsior College-then named Regent’s College, and got a diploma from the University of the State of New York for transferring in college credits in order to save a lot of money in 1991 I had no idea what would follow. I couldn’t get admitted to the University of Alaska Fairbanks graduate school but the new President of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Jerome Kommisar was from New York’s State University system.

I owned a property at Wrangell Alaska. Wrangell is near the Anan River bear observatory. I had written Footprints in the Sand in 1974 while working as a custodian for the University of Alaska Juneau because I wanted to write, was mired in a sinful relationship and lonesome for a girl I used to know. I read Emerson, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Nicoli Gogol’s The Overcoat and Other Stories and attended church since an infant. Psalms were second nature even in the dark of an Alaska winter drinking too much beer. I had lots of ideas and mailed the prose poem to a magazine in California. So Charlie Rangel of New York, Kofi Anan of the U.N., and Sen. Chuck Schumer become the emergent global liberal line up pressurizing me at home in Alaska during the 1990’s. By 2008 I sold the property. Rangel and Anan finally faded away, Chuck Schumer is still hanging around Washington D.C.

Though a local Wrangell builder climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro this year, I couldn’t get a job in Alaska and had to migrant journey as far as Florida to get a little house painting to earn return to Wrangell and improve the hut I built. Instead of getting a grad degree and being an educator I ended up homeless scribbling books while the nation drifted to queer and Wall Street corrupt with outsourced jobs and vast public debt.
Propaganda in the U.S.A. co-opting published works to inimical purpose does exploit individuals for the benefit of the corrupt and puff up Satan’s team. It makes the equality of people better for natural democrats redistributing monetary and intellectual capital from those that aren’t. It is likely that Satan has no trouble regarding people as being equally of zero value.

 Mt. Wrangell, S.E.-Alaska

                              U.S.N.Y 1991