Fed Judge Rules Texas Can’t Pass Laws On Human Behavior-Anything Geos

With the power of the gun the U.S. Government can impose it’s will upon the states regarding an evolution to moral depravity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Queer-symp judges of a globalist evil empire can swing the meaning of words against public will if they have great enough reward for doing so

In fact the Federal Judge ruling that Texas cannot have a law banning homosexual marriage decided that Texas legislators cannot make laws about laws. It seems though that nothing requires the state to pass law extending marriage to homosexuals though, or to animals, triples, quartets or corporations. In theory nothing at all should require the strates to provide legal institutions for any sort of behavioral pattern without voter consent. 
So if homosexuals want to ‘marry’ in some states nothing requires other states to recognize those marriages any more than concealed carry laws of other states.
If the U.S. Government is simply corrupt and demonically possessed as if the evil empire cast out of the Soviet Union moved to Washington D.C. like a legion of devils into Gadarene swine the states will need to resist the degradation of morality as best they can.