Helmetless Motorcycle Ridin Head Injuries Cost $1.3 Million

When an bare-headed motorcycle rider bounces his head along the asphalt it causes a lot of dead brain cells to develop. Treating those riders costs about an average 1.3 million bucks according to a Nov. 16, 2013 report in The Economist. The public is paying those costs commonly since a lot of Americans haven’t got 1.3 mil in their rainy day account. Existential do-it-your own way compiled for all of society can be expensive and inefficient.

 Having rode a motorcycle a little myself I know that helmets tend to be heavy, although the visor does keep bugs from suddenly impacting one’s face or eyes. Its good to ride along in a kind of dreamy freedom with quick, responsive steering that may be inadequate anyway if taking a turn too fast. Why not invent new lightweight helmets for motorcycles and pro footballers of American and soccer styles?

Ultra-lightweight bike rider-type helmets specially designed to let soccer players use their head to hit a ball might cut down on brain damage to those athletes over protracted head ball butting. Doesn’t seem like a big problem-maybe they could have heads up visors with tactical data about opfor player deployments and better instantly implement better plays. American footballers and motorcycle riders need something different-lightweight, effective perhaps with an expanded on impact air bag liner between inner and outer players or a honeycomb helmet that is designed to be disposable after a certain amount of use with air pocket cellular collapsing bubble layers, ball bearings to reduce angled contact friction and better design for foam and heat dispersion.

One imagines that a lot of money is made on designing ultra-lightweight football helmets with collision sense data impact chips, podcast reception, language translation and video of the field with cheat sheets for plays that some can’t remember because of memory loss.