Reproductive Units & Genetic Registry to Evolve Beyond Adulterated Marriage?

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Marriage is an old establishment, so old in fact that it may be a little anachronistic. Federal courts are supervening to let even homosexuals marry seriously adulterating the meaning and paradigm for marriage. Further, registrations of births and certifications have not changed much since the middle ages-genetic data is lacking. Civil government is not very creative. It is slow to change. That recalcitrance is often the virtue of government-willy nilly capricious pulling the rug out from under the citizens isn’t usually desirable, yet revolutionaries do arise.

Homosexual promoting federal judges are redefining the criterion of marriage everywhere. Legislatures have replied with explicit laws restricting marriage and federal judges consistently have shot those initiatives down. Michigan was the most recent casualty of Federal legal supervention redistributing marriage to include homosexuals. Legislatures need to be creative if they want to recognize reproductive units of two human beings (usually just a man and a woman). They need to pass laws in recognition of reproductive units and genetic registry of births.

Marriage has broadened its base a behavior too far perhaps to serve its initial purpose. Civil marriages could continue to exist yet heterosexual couples could register as reproductive units or reproductive unions and choose not to be married. Some benefits could be given to the reproductive units without discriminating against anyone. The problem with marriage is that it had no modern scientific foundation and the institution was abused with serial divorces and re-marriages. That establishment became confusing for many and with the added confusion of homosexual couples thrown in its becoming quite a mess.

Genetic identity of individuals has become a science. It would be practical to genetically register all live births and put that data on each individual birth certificate. Reproductive unit parents and all biological parents would be financially responsible for their offspring. Eventually as several generations pass it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to avoid recognition as the actual biological parent. Computer searches by the state would make that sort of identification nearly impossible to avoid. Science and civil laws would have renormalized to a modern context.

An added benefit of genetic birth registries is that as genetic science evolves free mass screenings of serious and avoidable health problems could be provided to people. A little more bang for the tax dollar would help. I think it reasonable to believe that as genetic records become a normal civil structure for reproductive unions, out of wedlock, out of reproductive union and every birth the reproductive unit or union will develop more social respect. Services that are intended to go to reproductive units can be directed there easily without discrimination. Any couple that can biologically reproduce in theory would be eligible-they would simply need to be able to pass on their genes into a new composite human being.

What would occur to traditional marriages? Well they are already being killed by Federal judges, yet people would still be free to marry. Essentially there would be four options regarding coupling. People could use the broad marriage establishment. People could use the reproductive union establishment, people could not marry and yet unavoidably have financial responsibility for offspring found anywhere through genetic records and fourthly people could have a religious marriage with or without civil marriage or civil reproductive union. Out of the goodness of their hearts people adopt foundling children. They donate the cost of raising children freely, yet that should not relieve the biological parent fro financial accountability.

If legislatures are simply too slow and/or uncreative to modernize that isn’t my fault. Society can just rot and enjoy it.