Presidential Realpolitik to Raise Minimum Wage, Fire Poor Americans & Attract Illegal Aliens

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President Obama’s pragmatic method of organizing the increase of Democrats by appealing to women and minorities and queers generates collateral damage to the economy. Raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour would get a lot of people fired who are poor when marginal employers can’t afford to pay the wage. Instead many former marginal employers will look to the traditional source of cheap labor to do the jobs that Americans can’t be hired to do for 2 to 7 dollars an hour-illegal Mexican migrant workers.
The dumbing down of the Democrat Party by the President has brought Aristotle’s political evolutions to light-a dumbed down democrat party evolves toward rule by tyranny or oligarchy. President Obama’s administration policies are simply concentrating wealth while increasing public debt, undermining the sustainability of the environment and brainwashing U.S. school children through N.E.A. union indoctrination mono-culture instead of funding the diversity of private school vouchers for all. Foreigner policy issues incompetently managed for American interests instead of elite oligarchs arise in front of corporate media lenses.
President Obama is developing economic conflict with Russia and continues support for protracted Syrian civil war. A more manful course of foreigner relations would be to acknowledge post-cold war readjustment of the borders of the former Soviet with Russia getting Russian-speaking areas that want to resume being part of the Russia.
When the Soviet Union ended the west had maximum advantage. It is was and is wrong to exploit that temporary Russian weakness and aggressively expropriate traditional Russian lands of the Ukraine. Aggressive territory expansion at the end of great powers conflicts don’t usually establish good future relations. The Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea are properly Russian. Harvard Law shysterticians have calculated the Wall Street profit value of Chinese corporate farming of the Ukraine though and have military minions to consolidate that land grab for the rich through puppet politicians.
If a nation is to act as a fair and impartial world policeman it cannot afford to be a banana republic opportun ist or mafiosa enforcer simply taking sides with its friends to plunder whatever booty it can find to satisfy an expansive Harvard M.B.A. alumni assortment. Viewing the post cold war Ukraine situation through cold war glasses is advantageous rhetorically speaking for what is no more than traditional European powers scrumming over the Ukraine. The righteous solution is the Eastern Ukraine for Russia and the Western Ukraine independent. Reason does not prevail in the White House or at Foggy Bottom these days unfortunately.
It is true that Poland in a former era did swell to occupy much of the Ukraine as did Germany. It is true that the Catholics of Poland and the Orthodox of the Russia have periodically been at odds in the Ukraine even stimulating the growth of a synthetic Uniate Church. Sweden was once a monstrously large northern power that only shrank back to the present size through defeat in aggressive war with Russia.
The present is not the cold-war era, the uncomprehending Obama administration may think so. It hasn’t the confidence in its martial ability to set things right and acknowledge the Russian right to the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine without it even necessary to say that the Baltic Republics are permanently independent states that blood would be shed over to everyone’s harm, so don’t even think about it. Instead the administration makes of cold war imprecations and analogies about Hitler invading Czechoslovakia circumlocutions. The European and American economy suffers. Establishing bad long-range relations with Russia isn’t reasonable now. That may actually help Russia develop more locally renewable economy using newer high-tech agricultural methods that are productive on the small scale for free enterprises. Moving away from Chinese Corporate farming of the Ukraine and America as a trend could be good for Russia.
The U.S. economy should reform capitalism to decrease concentrations of wealth and power. Corporate ownership by individuals should be downsized and limited to investments in just three. Taxes ought to be raised to at least 60% on the top bracket. A vast Mexican border security zone using salt water canals for desalinization to produce fresh water should be constructed for a park and farm irrigation water generating way to stop all illegal migration. The built in feedback mechanism of increased illegal immigrant heap labor when minimum wages are raised is as cyclical as when the unemployment rate is below 4% and wages rise naturally. Real politik would halt the illegal immigration through physical boundary security in the effort to create full employment from the bottom up-the portion of the unemployed most harmed by the Obama administration policy.
The President has entirely failed to transition the economy toward renewability and sustainability taking the worst classical economic course instead. The Federal Reserve is artificially propping up Wall Street growth with zero-interest loans to banks while buying up billions of dollars of bonds from the U.S. Treasury in effect printing out money for the taxpayers. People expect that all to crash one day as did the Bush II administration’s economic policy that most realized was over-extended before the mud slide of 2008.
The failure of Democrat Party leadership is masked by the gains in queer, women and minority taking of political and prestige positions. Instead of issue competence being the criteria for elections race and gender without regard to political-economy competence has become the selection paradigm. The President twice got better than 95% of the black vote regardless of his advocacy for the sin of homosexual marriage.
For the Obama style Democrat Party race, gender and queerness are truths. Conveniently any nation without population or power apportionments meeting with that criteria can be made-over with the opportunistic support of Wall Street. Redistribution of power or the appearance of power with concurrent concentration of wealth globally through the financial extraction industry lurking in quantitative trading dark pools and oligarchic stock networking support perennial revolution of the the creative destruction of nations for global oligarchic capitalism. Russia doesn’t seem queer or non-white enough for the Obama administration perhaps. Neither does it seem to be atheist trending having believed the Christian President Ronald Reagan’s ideas a little too much perhaps with an ensuing restoration of the Orthodox Church as well as Protestant while the Obama Democrat Party is evolving toward scientific atheism and dialectical evolution of a Democratic proletariat and concentrated wealth.
The concentration of population in cities with a very high standard of living draws upon the natural wealth of the world non-0renewably through global economic networks. Its an inefficient and environmentally destructive political-economy badly in need of reform. The U.S. that ought to be a leader instead of a lager and opponent of ecological-economy change and reform. That is the greater danger for the well-being of Americans and everyone else down the road.