Philosophical ideas of Quantum Cosmology & Faster-Than-Light Travel

This is an excerpt from my philosophical science fiction novel The Novilistricka Function.

The work of David Bohm in the twentieth century was fundamental for developing comprehension of the implicate. Research has followed throughout the Corporate and free regions of Universe (1). Yet it is an area that has eluded my philosophical investigations so far, I am embarrassed to say. Perspective in space-time composition is one of the essential construction traits of being. In a zero-dimensional criterion intervals within a continuum are founded in perspective. Transitions and change,disconformities and even the appearance of being and nothingness are a construction of perspective.

The evolution of space-time, energy, mass and Universes are a matter of perspective. The continuity of change overlaid simultaneously upon longer lasting semi-constants that presents phenomena such as a unified physical field transitioning with cooling and advancing entropy into increasing yet less powerful numbers of general physical laws and a promulgation of cooler, more complex structures right on to the most complex forms of life are advancing perspectives from The One.
The issue of how The One, given an initial, contingent non-dimensional paradigm creates being and nothingness, sense and non-sense–any differences at all, and eventually any sort of matter or existing things, brings me to consider that it is perspective flowing from self-awareness that emanates the most elegant creations over time that originate as contingent ideas and being through perspective. Fields of local and non-local symmetries explicate fine meshes of substance apparent to humans within the configuration.

Quarks and their bosons are the basic physical quanta of matter, and we wonder what quarks are made of–if they are simply multi-dimensional strings or loops, hyper-dimensional membranes or point particles viewed as waves or strings in added geometrical analogies as dimensions. So what are they really? Nothing less than quantum units of measurement in a protocol field. There are deeper and different paradigmatic explanations.

Perspectives from the One have issued relationships that become akin to frequencies that have their own stasis or formation. Frequencies given content simply by existing as perspectives of The One comprise the fuzzy logic strings and loops that integrate as functions unto larger, more complex and powerful units of energy and mass. Because of the basic nature of perspective and contingent frequencies or energy levels and forms of constructions bound integrally in quantitative units with some logical relational values for mathematical physicists, quantum mechanical elements of uncertainty that are a notable characteristic of the quantum mechanical realm implicitly reflect the virtual reality of existence itself contingent upon The One.

The classical philosophical questions of being and nothingness; of a dichotomy of light and dark, or of existence and non-existence are reflected in the quantum mechanical phenomenalities of super-positioning of quantum mechanical wave-particle appearances and sharing of information faster-than-light seemingly. All fundamental relationships of space-time and mass-energy are contingent and grounded in a non-dimensional, or pre-dimensional perspective of The One.

The energy levels, and these should be thought of as apparent energy levels rather than real energy levels, of any mass or energy issued in Universe (1) appearing at the quantum mechanical level and higher fall into ordered and set modalities that interact logically with all of the additional energy and form frequencies promulgated. It is very rare that unscheduled or unintended energy transitions occur beyond the natural capability, capacity or characteristics of the given spectrum.

It is something like expecting two plus three to equal twenty-seven, to expect that anything can travel faster than light in this Universe (1). While it has been shown that some of the ten dimensions of the Universe (1) are smaller and yet may be hyper-extended locally in some cases to create a super-realism now and then, and used for information logic gates for extra-dimensional travel–it is far more difficult to attenuate the practical application of quantum mechanical effects to macro-dimensional space travel of a sub-light speed and hyper-light speed nature without violating the integrity of four-dimensional space.
I have thought occasionally of building a field-expedient, faster-than light space-time engine through a capturing device for intake of paired quantum mechanical virtual particles directing their negatively charged halves to a time ahead in the location of travel, yet that would require that the space-ship attain relativistic velocity in order to capture sufficient virtual particles to offset the negative bow wave effects of increasing graviton attraction due to sympathetic mass-gravity frequencies. The equation of infinite mass and infinite energy needed to move that mass are a conundrum of relativistic speeds near c.

I might also redirect offending gravitons around the space ship with a graviton field-dimensional flow transducer. Gravity might simply be an apparent compaction of space and dilation of time because of the acceleration through it-akin to a bicycle rider peddling into a headwind finding the resistance increasing the faster she goes, and of course the energy required to increase speed increases too. It is the double gluon Feyman recursion all over again.

You might need to make a zero-resistance field around whatever mass you want to accelerate to light speed that would shield the mass from increasing mass or energy requirements with increasing speed. Work with Bose-Einstein condensate type matter for the shield . That effects the transformation of neutron clumps into one neutron effectively. The shield should have the zero-resistance through space characteristic of neutrinos or photons.