Reverse Obamacare Template for Public & Private School Exchanges?

American public education evolved to a Soviet Union paradigm eclipsing common private school education. Freedom of choice from a menu of public and private school options is better than the Soviet school model. Could the Obamacare policy of usurping private sector health insurance be applied in reverse to liberate public education through government education voucher exchanges?

Is it possible to deescalate public education monopoly though public education exchanges with savory derivatives and a hint of dark pool quantitative trading (just joking about that). Creative Wall Street financing techniques innovated with Obama economic healthcare )-look what its dome for balancing the Federal budget and paying down the public debt so far-might be useful for redistributing public education opportunities to include private school vouchers. The Democrat voter likes freedom of nuanced color choices instead of just one black color of model A.

Plainly Obamacare has some faults and wrong premises. Young workers were supposed to pay a large tax for something they didn’t need in order to redistribute their earnings to older workers with pre-existing conditions such as H.I.V. that couldn’t get insurance. With that policy supported by young American democrat workers it was possible to lift the burden from the rich and cut their taxes. President Obama led the effort to make the Bush II tax cuts permanent.

It would have been practical to create standard emergency medical loans for workers age 60 and under that are usually healthful. With $10,000 available at favorable rates if a worker has some emergency health problem, and covering his or her/it’s own out of pocket expenses for minor medical issues the cost of a given level of medical care could be low. One might pay $200 dollars a year for a loan guarantees instead of $6000 dollars for insurance each year that isn’t used.

An expanded V.A. Medical system treating screened, verified poor Americans could substitute well for the holes in U.S. health coverage. Networking community health facilities with the V.A. system for the poor with no-cost services to the poor would have been plain and simple. Obamacare’s thoughtless redistribution of wealth from the compassionate young willingly substituting for the rich apparently did have some neat health insurance exchanges that allow broken initially could with some tweaking be adapted as a model for education facilities where citizens could apply for affordable private school alternative to neon-communist public schools and all the become-indoctrinated stadardized social programming that goes with them.