Positional Initiative and Dynamic Advantage in Political Play

The art of positional advantage is the title of a chess instruction video by  GM Roman Dzindzichashvili. He produced a simple to follow yet excellent lecture. It is a metaphor of analysis for political and weather related ventures too. Humans  inevitably look for an advantage in market economics, land acquisition , taking and holding political power and in myriad work assignments. Positional advantage is demonstrated in a chess game between Rybka and Shredder-to of the top computer programs in the World Championship for Computer Programs .

Computer programs generally have great calculating powers. They have the ability to calculate moves that produce the best acquisition of pieces and advantage mathematically. One of the programs-Rybka- a chess engine, wasprogrammed to not only calculate but to take initiative, make sacrifices etc in order to force through a winning dynamic advantage.

American politicians since Ronald Regan have failed to use general principles of conservation of position for national advantage. Rybka follows general chess principles and won the computer chess championships. Taking shortcuts in political economy for short term gain usually results in degradation of the well being of the nation in the long run.