Reform Points About Basketball Bigotry (repost from Jan. 1 2014)

Some believe that the purpose of capitalism is to concentrate wealth. During the Second World War when the tax rate on the rich was 90% America’s rich suffered. Finally after the end of the cold war Clinton deregulations followed by the Bush II tax cuts lowered the rates on taxes to 35%. Yet it required the first black millionaire President to make those tax cuts permanent by singing them in to law proving that the nation’s affirmative action class millionaires are loyalists to the rich too. So how can affirmative action theory be used to further advance the concentration of wealth? Plainly that can only be accomplished with more diverse sports millionaires. free novel download

Plainly the N.B.A.’s allocation of points per field goal has worked against an egalitarian assortment of player personnel in the league. As professional players setting an example for civil society one would expect inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness in the point distribution. Reforming the bigoted, anti-affirmative action N.B.A. point structure is the better approach to assuring social equality with a fair concentration of wealth to the owners.

Because of the history of slavery created by foreign slave importers in the colonial era, straight white male basketball players would get one point per field goal, desendants of former slaves two, underrepresented Hispanic players three, vastly underrepresented Chinese players four, women five and a pair of homosexual players making a one hand each on the ball field goal ten points. With that redistribution of points per field goal market forces can go to work bringing basketball social equality an invisible hand of government making brilliant behind the back passes.
It would be fair for the U.S. Congress to appoint a points allocation Tsar to determine if endangered basketball player species require new points distribution to bring their numbers up to a sustainable level. N.S.A. and I.R.S. behavior monitor teams could over-watch the citizens to detect sentiment of non-compliance wherever it may exist in the homeland or in the dar al harb.