Boko Haram’s Aducted Company of Female Swag in New Video

Kidnapping young women for Muslim swag Boko Haram has featured them in a new video. The young ladies are eligible for a prisoner swap according to the Boko Haram leadership. Evidently Muslims do not recognize national borders (the U.S. ‘Democrat’ Party doesn’t seem to have enough interest in halting illegal migration over the Mexican border either), they just recognize religious groupings. That explains why there are no Shi’a mosques in Sunni countries and vice versa. It also makes the administration palaver about democracy in Muslim nations and religious pluralism incompatible political facts.

Long ago when the Sultan and the Sublime Port (government of the Ottoman Empire) ruled Turkey and occupied territories such as Serbia the taking of slaves from Europe to serve nefarious purposes was sop policy. European kids-Janissaries were trained to war on Europe. Some rights of Christians were tolerated (cf Dhimmitude) yet Christians were second-class citizens and prosyletization verboten. Even the Orthodox Church leadership was controlled by the Sublime Porte. It is not surprising that the historical facts of Islam prevail in Nigeria as the rebels of Boko Haram work their Dar al Harb.