Russian Withdrawal From Space Station a Goad for U.S. Moon Base?

The International Space Station always was a bridge to nowhere. Finally Russia may stop throwing money away on it and stimulate the U.S.A. to return to the moon to build a base that is a little more on solid ground.

There isn’t anything wrong with a Mars colony of course-yet it’s really Boston-creme-pie-in-the-sky sort of fluff without a local build from local materials program. Mars combat engineering of shelters made of local dirt and with good mirrors for concentrating sunlight to make electricity along with super-conducting storage materials and water-making from ice would be far more practical than the Martian Yurt and inflatable house program.

If materials from the Earth must go into building above-ground shelters at a Moon base supplied by free enterprise space-shippers they should be reliable, lightweight foam filled hollow log cabins. That would have been enough for Abraham Lincoln and ought to be for generations of gardeners tilling lunar regolith in solar-tube lit greenhouses and niches along crater slopes.
image credit-N.A.S.A. Grail Mission