No Host Yet for 2014 World Chess Championship

It is evidently costly to sponsor a world chess title match these days ($800,000 sterling to the winner) and none in Norway have come forward with the cash to bring World Champion Magnus Carlsen and former World Champion Vishy Anand to the board. That raises the prospect of E.S.P.N. or Foxx Sports buying a world championship series on the cheap, although chess games may be a little high-brow for some Americans. Gamers on the Internet are numerous though and chess is one of the leading board games of history.

It does require a certain intellectual interest to enjoy Paul Morphy’s Opera House game I suppose. It was a thing of beauty. Magnus Carlsen is the highest rated chess player ever and the top grand masters are more consistent from year to year  than the top bikers on the Tour de France-it’s rather fun to follow the  annual changes in standings of world class players not on steroids lest they evolve into meatheads.