N. Korea May Be Evolving Small Nukes for Missiles

Politicians have been evolving quite a few things the past year of concern to ordinary people such as exist. North Korean Paramount Supreme Dictator is said to be doing some evolving of nuclear missiles with a range of 800 miles in order to keep up with the lurkers in the depths of dark pools of trading on Wall Street. That’s better than evolving to be a gangsta I suppose yet it’s not just shootin hoops benevolently.

One can blame almost anything on evolution and accept it as joss, routine loss or que sera sera politics. Federal deficits of vast scale, the concentration of wealth, the perversion of marriage to become what it is not in order to transfer wealth and power to the corrupt (not a new form of evolution) and even the running of Federal Reserve printing presses at night to produce more pay for bureaucrats that hate the citizens they scalp for the benefit of global plutocracy are more examples of contemporary evolution.

Evolution means never having to say bureaucrats are responsible for anything bad. Its just the way evolution flows and no one remembers anyway. Yet if Supreme Dictator Un develops the power to launch nuclear missiles and hit Japan, Japan too might evolve a similar capacity and the evolution of conflict could evolve those places back to the stone age stage of evolution all over again.


This is from the official North Korean website. Some of these guys look like they are evolving half-starved.