Fourteenth Fed Judge Queers Marriage-Will Supreme Court Chew Issue?

Issues of Universals and particulars applied to state’s legal rights and responsibilities confront the federal judiciary in deciding the right of the U.S. Government to compel the states to accept its decrees defining reality and language, marriage criteria and whatever else will increase Federal power and diminish that of the states.
Since Abraham Lincoln decided that Federalism trumps state’s rights with the power of war (in order to defeat British imperialism supported Southern States successionists) subsequent administrations have increased Federal power and decreased that of states. Not for any reason besides the convenience of force and the fate of having a troop of nuclear scientists from the globe develop nuclear weapons to defeat the Nazis the U.S. Government has acquired substantial military power and tends to be the number one global bully. Choosing to corrupt the rational biological criterion of marriage of genes to procreate children several federal judges have ruled that states have no constitutional right to restrict marriage to male and female couplings. One cannot be certain if Federal judges believe that states can set any parameters for marriage. At the least it is amusing that a Constitution created by the sons of Puritans is held by judges to validate the premise of homosexual marriage through radical deconstruction and revisionism. Homosexual marriage is an abomination and simply a way for the corrupt to get in the limelight. Homosexuals are not slaves and don’t require exotic treatment. They could have used existing business law to snare themselves in permanent dyadic legal encumbrances instead of subverting marriage.
The trend for Federal courts to derationalize law in support for a global Plutocracy with the reinforcement of godless atheists of left and right finds useful tools in considering citizens to be Universals with no rights for particular treatment by state’s laws. That is marriage criteria can have no particular restriction to just heterosexuals; any adult as a Universal within the constitution can marry though marriage would itself be an unfair advantage given over single individuals obviously when biology reason isn’t involved. The government is simply rewarding recurrent lust and sado-masochism The key to understanding the inconsistency is this-the Plutonomy regards citizen-Universals as commodities taking up planetary space and ought to be degraded and charged ubiquitous rents as individual citizen-units are finessed politically while the really, really big shew moves them down the road to empowerment oblivion.
Marriage regarded as a limited business partnership could have no exclusive qualifying criteria any more than strip joint ownership. Logically that means that polygany and polygamous marriages would be allright too though neo-corporatist. Corporate marriages are somewhat ponderous impersonal and cultist though while the matter of taxation on limited-partnership marriage, tax deductions, liability and inheritance viewed through a business filter additionally incentivizes further changes to the definition of traditional marriage.
If government through judicial revisionism and deconstruction is maladapting human society to business paradigmata that are regarded as non-discriminatory universals the entire paradigm for biologically based discrimination on a biological foundation to confer advantages upon select social classes will increasingly fall under judicial review.  Egregiously hateful taxation on the rich of more than 5% will fade away at last and the tax burden of the public debt can be shifted upon the masses laboring to just lust freely following the will of the rich. Business hitherto has had an implicit right to discriminate against citizens regionally charging different prices in areas with different racial components. Orangesare cheaper in Orange County California for instance than in Barrow Alaska in a hating and bigoted way to victimize the Yupik people and others struggling on the North Slope.
Pro basketball has compiled an innate sexist exclusivity with the inherent right to discriminate against women who are shorter on average than men. Taking the average height of American adults and requiring that any N.B.A. team’s total height summed for adult players address up to the American average height would let the Chicago Bulls have maybe one 7 footer but several below average height players to still reach the ceiling cap. Good short women players would have a chance to play in the N.B.A. There are simply too many social and business structures specially adapted to biological facts to enumerate here.  Courts will have to work overtime to outlaw female only sports leagues, scholarships for negroes only and the contradictory-to-the-constitution apartheid reservations keeping extraction industries, loggers and housing developers from leading America’s first people to full integration with illegal aliens, Daughters of the Confederacy and the junkies of D.C..
Homosexual marriage is just the first of an avalanche of changes that would neuter state constitutions and change U.S. society to one of a Universal state seeking to impose a Universal condition upon the globe before it goes broke buying stuff made in China. When the glass ceiling of separate bathrooms for men and women is shattered social fairness can have a chance to bring peace to Wall Street.
It is expected that with 14 states having had a Federal judge decide they cannot limit marriage to male and female couples the U.S. Supreme Court will here arguments from the states seeking to reverse that choice. One wonders if the case won’t be a judgment by the court determining if its head is up its ass or not.