Differences Between Pope Francis’ & Protestant Eco-Conservation Approach

When Pope Francis spoke out for ecospheric conservation recently saying that ‘if we destroy creation it will destroy us‘ he was emulating President Obama’s bully’s pulpit of hierarchical leadership to bring attention to an important issue. While the Protestant churches have a more egalitarian approach to scriptural interpretive independence the fractured pluralism makes it challenging to present a single clear voice of opinion.

Conservation of the planetary ecosphere is of paramount importance second only to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord and His atoning sacrifice. Some Protestant churches have failed to move much beyond reformation era-16th century ideas about church structure themselves without moving on to a priesthood of believers format with three simple ranks for believers instead of a church hierarchy too though limited generally to a particular church or denomination. Some Protestant churches such as the Anglican even kept the Catholic bishop-based church leadership structure and that hasn’t well served the effort to move toward a better evangelic reformation today.  The Catholic Church itself has plans for a 3rd millennium evangelic reformation bringing more opportunity to ordinary believers.
With cheap Mp3 players made in China selling at Amazon.com for $3 with free shipping from China one cannot say they haven’t a reasonable opportunity to hear church lectures available online for free download. It is simple for believers to have a free Bible as a PDF file to download to a used notebook computer from eBay to have read to them. It is reasonable to progress in knowledge of scripture yet many church pastors still act as if every member of the congregation just arrived yesterday and needs to learn first things.
Issues about not destroying all life on Earth through ecocide and extermination of species are sometimes written off as of no concern by Pastors selling eschatological or end times interests instead-the world is just disposable and God will rescue the elect-yet maybe God wants to save people even yet unborn and would like to continue the health of the ecosphere of the planet Earth more than a century-it is not the Christian place to judge the world disposable now. Instead Protestants and Roman Catholics ought to lose that few. Pray and pass the ecological economic renewal plans.