Obamacare’s Wrong, Convoluted paradigm in Political Philosophy

Obamacare’s wrong political and philosophical foundation continues to generate legal problems dividing the nation on the subject of Democrat Party movement toward establishment of corporatism as a back-door to state socialism. Corporatism leads to corporatism not socialism. Two Federal appeals panels have split on the legality of Obamacare to give free money/subsidies from Federal rather than state run exchanges. The later would be more of a socialist coup for Obamacare-one unauthorized by Congress evidently that has demurred on giving support for Obamacare since the bill was forced through by Democrats without Republican support.


A better, cheaper, practical plan easier to implement would have expanded the V.A. Hospotal system and united it with the nation’s low cost community healthy clinics in order to provide free treatment to those that can’t afford it. It would be easy to get support from both parties for such a system. Obamacare an the contrary has few Republican supporters nor much from those wary of Orwellian corporatist-socialist government power invading privacy and usurping privacy. The requirement that people buy health insurance vioolates their right to privacy from public access to their personal medical records. Obamacare insurers will porbably distrubute all of their data globally through subsidiaries and buy and sell that private information as fast as derivatives tranches.