Post Script to a note on Predeterminism

Predestination is a somewhat amorphous topic. On some days I understand more about it than others. predestination might be regarded as a function of determinism. Since God is omnipotent and omniscient the temporal Universe is necessarily predestined to run its course, and of course God’s purpose was not to have it as some sort of contingent, random fluke of luck. Instead, in accord with His physical boundaries determining the force structure and thermodynamic composition of the steady state-entanglement that comprises mass in Universe 1 He foreknew each and every detail and connection amidst particles and even human will.

All know God yet some with false consciousness forget who He is. All are called and few are chosen. The kingdom of God is within-these are difficult paradigms yet consistent with the omnipotent Creator who appeared as the Son that people might have a relationship personally with God.

Free will may occur within the kingdom of God that is an atemporal paradigm cohering in the temporal experience of human experience as a sort of point of contact with the non-temporal eternal presence of God whom is Spirit. Human freedom to choose Jesus Christ as their personal savior atoning for the original sin that put mankind physically into temporal thermodynamics eating of the tree of knowledge enables exfiltration from deterministic causality such as Newton would have well understood and that exists in a sense even in the quantum mechanical paradigm of quantum uncertainty. One might readily extrapolate that the uncertainty is an interface between the pure spiritual liberty of God in His omniscient, omnipotent majesty and the deterministic, entangled quantum order bound in a Higgs Field that mankind experiences. I think that is better regarded as a metaphor for the protocol between pure freedom-in-itself and the deterministic realm for others comprising the paradoxical setting for free will vs determinism issues.