Nature’s Way

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   Wrong responses to challenges of environmental and global dooming will not solve the problems. The competition of capitalism left to itself will not provide answers to environmental economic questions any more than sports competition will prepare for and provide answers to a science test. Natural forces of capital development may be as indolent and unresponsive to environmental exams as the archetypal coach potato believing that swilling beer and watching the NFL Sunday will evolve the right answers to an end-of-semester science exam Monday morning or ultimate questions on the last day.

Of Nature’s Way

In the shadows that flit across the street

meeting places that eroded way

the report of no time remaining

gathering dust like a neutron star’s reign

of power concentrating further

the value of truth’s costly commodity

leveling packages

was a gong

Minus one twelfth night

another sum of all numbers

where forests of trees cut down fly beyond

enfiladed species erased as dreams

hours echoing in waves formed ripples

cascading through Higg’s field

where gravity stands down at last

motion too with global warming dead ahead gone past

Sentient logic circuits in linear progressions

racing through bodies in a world after quarks

where ideas exist for-themselves

darkly immune from the gilt of transactions

shaped like frosting on cakes

ice rhymed winks at states of art

killing of organic life and morals

bereft of spiritual reason.