On Using Heroin for Government Death Chambers

Death chambers of execution could be more humane and hospice-like.

It is somewhat remarkable that modern science filtered through politics bungles the chemistry of executing the death penalty. European chemical supply houses and other exotic sources of hard-to-find humane methods of killing killers sometimes embargo the lethal chemical cocktails from American legal death franchise establishments because of the cruelty of it all. NPR reports the ‘story’ and moves on to legal drugs, homosexual marriage and other pressing issues of the left side of corporatism. So why not use the abundant heroin seized from criminals by law enforcement agencies to overdose those graduating from death row in a humane blaze of pain killing to oblivion?

If the death penalty must be forced upon select subjects wouldn’t heroin mists, heroin food, heroin cocktails and heroin injections end the life of the victim of law happily more or less fading out them to a state of nirvana and nothingness? Heroin could then serve at least one useful purpose and save money on buying stupid drug potions from Europe. Otherwise the government could use a little bit of VX or some other nerve agent to swiftly terminate the problem and end the suffering of citizens encountering the never-ending recurrence of government incompetence.