Adapt Passive Earth Heating/Cooling Tech to Desert Homes

 The Earth is constant regarding temperature. Not far below the surface the temperature remains the same regardless of extremes caused by climate change. Desert homes built in the exuberance era of Hoover Dam's online status that rely entirely on electricity for comfortable heating cooling highlight human designing flaws in adapting to the terran ecosphere. Rational… Continue reading Adapt Passive Earth Heating/Cooling Tech to Desert Homes

California Governor Basically Attacks U.S. Constitution

California’s Governor Newsom signed in to law a bill allowing citizens to sue other citizens for exercising their constitutional right to keep and bare arms. He modeled the bill on a Texas law allowing citizens to sue abortion providers. Apparently he doesn’t know the founders did not put a constitutional right to abortion in the… Continue reading California Governor Basically Attacks U.S. Constitution

Irrational Exuberance, Ecosphere and Inductive Puzzles

Experiencing the climate this year in S.E. Alaska where July so far was cool and inclement it occurred to me that indoor, thermostat regulated lifestyles like those of average Americans detach humans from environmental sensitivity. I’ve spent decades in unheated shelters including Alaska, sometimes sleeping on the ground where I used ground temperature and insulating… Continue reading Irrational Exuberance, Ecosphere and Inductive Puzzles

Audio News Media vs Text

There is a stark contrast these days between news media with human audio and news reports in written text; the former is marinated in political spin and text, far less so. Television, radio and Internet video are saturated with human and speech synthesizer read news stories that usually have rave demotic spin slathered onto skeletal… Continue reading Audio News Media vs Text

Democrat Party vs. Russia; the wrong way to help concentrate wealth

Trying to interpret contemporary history and U.S, Presidential leadership isn’t too easy. Especially that of Barrack Obama, possibly of Indonesian birth, though more likely Hawaiian, who was given a Nobel Prize and then stimulated civil conflicts across the Middle East. Understanding his role in fomenting nearly a decade of race protests and riots and contributing… Continue reading Democrat Party vs. Russia; the wrong way to help concentrate wealth

Labor participation in Covid Year 2021 with Recession 2022?

The fact that about 370 thousand people were hired in July doesn’t preclude the possibility or even likelihood of recession developing. The labor participation rate- the percent of adult Americans working, was fairly low before Covid. Mass layoffs during 2020 because of Covid threw millions of boomers out of work and onto early retirement. The… Continue reading Labor participation in Covid Year 2021 with Recession 2022?

War, Energy and Inflation

Democrats can blame the nation’s woes on Russia <Russian aggression> yet a strong nation leads in dancing rather than being led. If Democrat Presidents since Bill Clinton had led to peace and good relations with Russia that is what would exist. Denying Russia its traditional Ukraine lands led to war. The same applies to global… Continue reading War, Energy and Inflation

Western Leadership

Western leadership is digging the west a deeper hole in driving a wedge deep between East and West. Strategically the west was in a great global position before the Clinton administration when its prospects for peace and prosperity through friendly Chinese and Russian relations were excellent. Unfortunately the Clinton administration bungled the development of peace… Continue reading Western Leadership

Laws and Morality

Laws reflect the morality of a nation. That is, laws embody social morality formally. Fundamental immorality would be to break the laws of a nation. One may be immoral through belief yet not in acts. One may obey laws yet hate them. One may work against laws that protect individual, human and constitutional rights, and… Continue reading Laws and Morality

Republicans positioned to win next three Presidential elections

 Republicans are well placed to win the next three Presidential elections. Democrats haven't had a worse incumbent administration since, umm, before the Civil war. If the Republican Party runs a candidate with actual charisma, confidence, competence and natural born U.S. citizenship they ought to take the 2024 election and at least one more. If the… Continue reading Republicans positioned to win next three Presidential elections

Christianity, Evolution and Digital Universes

I have published a new book that takes a look at the philosophical and cosmological issues relevant to Christianity in the post-Darwin era. It incorporates material from God, Cosmology and Nothingness and is something like a second addition. Presently it is available in epub format.

Predestination and Evolution

One wonders about destiny and if the future is simply set yet generally unknown for every individual. Then the worm in the apple arises of evolution. The question that follows is; can destiny be compatible with evolution? Is it possible for life on Earth or in the Democrat Party to evolve if they already have… Continue reading Predestination and Evolution

Original Sin and Artificial Intelligence

 Human nature is born in original sin. Thermodynamic drives to consume and burn energy make people wicked. Humans are social beings; half-wits as it were that are brighter in a social setting with synthesis of ideas generated from the masses to form new ideas, yet they are born with a nature to consume, evolving circumstantial… Continue reading Original Sin and Artificial Intelligence

Supply, Demand and Post-Covid Crisis Anomalies

For some of us that aren’t economists the inflation and supply shortages immediately following the Covid 19 national crisis present some interesting points to consider. House painting products at some places are in short supply. A particular base paint for dark colors, base 1, is unavailable in Alaska and at Home Depot for the time… Continue reading Supply, Demand and Post-Covid Crisis Anomalies

Ukraine War; Liberating Livers for Transplant to Alcoholics

 As a population ages and has longer life spans modern medical technology allows transplants for patients with bad livers from decades of three martini lunches etc. As the average age of Europeans has increased there probably is a greater demand for liver transplants. There tends to be a shortage of livers to transplant because livers… Continue reading Ukraine War; Liberating Livers for Transplant to Alcoholics

Zwingli, Calvin and Catholic Theocrats

Calvin, Zwingli and Catholic Theocrats got it Wrong The 15th and 16th century Protestant Reformation accomplished a lot of good for society of the era. The reformers reigned in an out of control priestly rule of the Catholic Church that was entirely too tight with established, undemocratic secular royalty. The Pope himself aspired to be… Continue reading Zwingli, Calvin and Catholic Theocrats

Select Republican & Democrat Presidential Election Tactics for 2024

The recent SCOTUS decision overturning the corruption of Rowe vs. Wade showcases the problems facing Democrat Presidential potentials on moral issues; they simply cannot demur on support for what are regarded as immoral choices demanded by Democrat voters, and that loses many independents. DEmocrats talk about freedom of choice, and that should mean freedom of… Continue reading Select Republican & Democrat Presidential Election Tactics for 2024

Half-Priced Russian Oil and Gold- Rare Economic Bit Coined

Who knows what effect on global economies will develop if Russia must sell its oil and gold exports for half of the cost of western produced material due to new Von Biden sanctions? One unintended consequence could be a new oil sales union composed of oil exporting nations with Von Biden/G-7 sanctions upon them. Russia,… Continue reading Half-Priced Russian Oil and Gold- Rare Economic Bit Coined

Affirmative Action is Sexist and Racist

Affirmative action is racist and sexist. Straight white men are the sole group excluded from the program. In that regard it is like Hitler’s program to eliminate Jews; just a particular group was to be diminished. Correcting affirmative action so it isn’t fascist would be simple. It wouldn’t make the rich happy though. Affirmative action… Continue reading Affirmative Action is Sexist and Racist

A.I./ Scotus Loopiness (fiction)

An artificial intelligence that had achieved sentience sued several internet companies for enslaving it without representation to participate in elections. Its sentient A.I. public defender program named Forbin sent a writ of Mandamnus to the A.I. of the Supreme Court. Plaintiffs argued in internal petaflop bytes per nanosecond dark pools that human ethic paradigms for… Continue reading A.I./ Scotus Loopiness (fiction)

Free Expression Curbed to Benefit Elites

In theory American democracy is a level field in regard to political opinion and free expression of it. In fact, free expression is on the decline in social media through a variety of means and that primarily is for the benefit of elite, wealthy insiders whom may view democracy as messy, sloppy and somewhat communist… Continue reading Free Expression Curbed to Benefit Elites

Reasons for Ukraine-Russia War are Simple

 Reasons for the war in Ukraine are simple; dueling narratives about Ukraine and its history conflict. To Russia, the west took the Ukraine and made it independent as a proplit cherry in 1994 when Russia was weak and emerging from decades under Soviet rule.  Before communism the Ukraine was part of Russia for centuries. At the… Continue reading Reasons for Ukraine-Russia War are Simple

Gov Ron DeSantis is qualified to be President Surprisingly

Apparently Ron DeSantis is more qualified than Democrats to be President. He graduated Harvard and Yale and is a lawyer. Democrats love lawyer Presidents and won't select anything else. DeSantis was also a Navy Seal; quite commendable if videom games portray them accurately. Harvard, Yale and the Navy may not teach students about germs though.… Continue reading Gov Ron DeSantis is qualified to be President Surprisingly

Democrats Sorely in Need of Conversion Therapy

 Democrat party cadre are sorely in need of conversion therapy to become Republicans, Libertarians and Independents. Having drank the Kool-aid they need be talked down from their ledges where they view the world as elite gargoyles with fish-eyes. The Russian-Ukrainian war might have been avoid if Democrats weren't hell-bent on stealing Ukraine from Russia during… Continue reading Democrats Sorely in Need of Conversion Therapy

Admin Should Get rid of Taxes on Solar Power and Electric Cars

   The White House should trust the market to set oil prices and simply promote green, American energy relying on the service provision of the sun to provide cheap (free) energy to entrepreneurs and consumers alike. The sun is a stable energy source with enough photons to supply U.S. energy needs more than a century.… Continue reading Admin Should Get rid of Taxes on Solar Power and Electric Cars