Demos Confirm Homo Marriage was Main Concern

In the end of their lame Duck session dominating the legislative branch federal Democrats verified their main concern was homo marriage and queering up the nation. They failed to get substantial ecospheric and economic integration accomplished leaving the planet’s sustainability index in continuing decline. The rich owners of Wall Street were apparently concerned as marionettes with having the zero population growth plan to saturate the world with the legal fiction of homo marriage firmed up so far as to shift social reality through force of law into their evil demense.

Homosexuals do not marry, biologically speaking. Marriage has been redefined to mean any coupling of human adults (for the time being) with vows legally reinforced. That paradigm is socially divisive and a source of political turmoil even unto the point of wars and may have conseuqences ahead. Recognition of homo relationships that left sane marriage intact was the rational alternative. Like Latvia’s advocacy that Ukraine attack Russia, it flunked practical reason.

Interesting is the actual legal mechanisms the Senate used to reinfocrece homosexual marriage. They will force the federal government to recognize the laws on marriage each state has even if they differ substantially. It is opossible that some state will outlaw marriage and establish new relationship legally among adults that serve the same perpuse that are not based upon fiction. THen Democrats may seek to pass a law to establish the ‘equivelency of marriage’ to cover the new legal paradigm.

The ‘Respect Marriage Act’ to disrespect marriage and promote a homosexual usurpation through legal pretense shall require Federal laws to follow individual state’s laws in patchwork array presumably. One would imagine that the antebellum southern plutocrats would have loved such a law to compell federal authorities to return escaped slaves to states that allowed slavery (The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850). When Congress required all states to return escaped slaves they went a bridge too far.,returning%2C%20and%20trying%20escaped%20slaves.

Fox News Moves toward Corporatocratic Churlishness of Biased Broadcast Media

Major broadcast media outlets are notoriously biased toward proprietary politics reflecting their alignment toward the Democrat Party agenda generally with Fox nominally toward Republican politics. Recently though it has taken to using thematic demotics usually associated with Democrat broadcast media spin, and that is rather surprising. I would guess the reason is their owner’s desire to reinforce retrograde fossil fuel development and anti-environmental regressivism.

The late Rush Limbaugh’s rational Achilles heel was his notable and profound failure to comprehend environmental challenges to human survival on Earth. Broad is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is the gate that leads to salvation; few there are in U.S. politics that find it. Fox may be doubling down on the political punk approach and urging more global greenhouse gassing industries because fossil fuel burning auto and truck engines continue to be the primary mover of most U.S. economic activity.

Anthropologically a human tool kit comprising a society’s means of working economic activity evolves. Directed economic activity is sometimes necessary when existential challenges demand focus from all of society to meet the challenges head-on and successfully. Changing the tool kit through directed laws and rules rather than letting it naturally evolve is where resistance arises from Fox and its ilk of sycophants of rich owners of the broadcast media. Leftist sycophants in the broadcast media need at least nominally support a conservative ecospheric economic approach to appeal to its base of support that is at any rate brainwashed into believing that racism is the basic political divide in the nation rather than economics.

Failing to adapting the national economic tool kit to ecospheric challenges in order to use tools that return short term profit builds the disaster base for the ongoing seventh mass extinction. Directed free enterprise with incentives to evolve and adapt the tool kit is the preferred way to proceed. Corporatocracy seems to pursue short term profits and long-term social control with broadcast media support across the broadcast spectrum as their minions are bought and paid for to promote the agenda with maladroit political interpretation and straw men issues.

Crypto Crashes and Gresham’s Law

The failure of FTX and troubles with other cryptocurrencies reflect Gresham’s Law; bad money drives out good.

With the profusion of cryptocurrencies it was inevitable that some would collapse. There are about 22,000 cryptocurrencies of which 9,314 are active. In the United States 1,600 banks were allowed to issue paper money from 1793 to 1861 with 7,000 different bank notes. Some of those notes were of little value. Eventually the United States became the exclusive issuer of paper money. Between 1863 and 1929 “thousands of banks” were allowed to issue notes that resembled federal greenbacks on official paper before that too ended. It should be noted that 1929 was a notable year for the economic crash getting under way.

It wouldn’t be surprising if cryptocurrencies followed the evolution of paper money in as much as some may be transacted with some sort of federal seal to guarantee their value. Financial fraud, tax evasion and money laundering may be implicit facets of crypto currencies. Like the Internet tech dot-com crash of 2000-1 one would expect shakeouts of the field periodically.

In Speaker Pelosi’s era public debt rose from 6 to 31 trillion dollars

When Nancy Pelosi first became speaker of the House in 2007 U.S. public debt was about 6 trillion dollars. During her final term in 2022 public debt had reached 31 trillion and the environmental challenges were not substantially defeated. Ecnology for land and sea management were deficient on software and hardware axes. Though she wasn’t in office all of those years she was her party’s leader and that indicates something about the political economy she was associated with. It is time for a change though Speaker McCarthy may not be the leader one might like.

There seems to be some ambiguity concerning the actual amount of public debt in 2007-2008. The numbers range from 6.3 trillion to 10 trillion dollars.

The Center of Time (poem)

The center of time
moved past quicker rhyme
glued itself to signs
right down the street

powers ripe just heat
run roughshod to beat
anything it meets;
a network elite

mass extinction tide
the bad override
won’t be denied
surface of the seas

tuned in to boom
each investor tomb
anyone’s room
is Wall Street’s last breeze.

The Seventh Mass Extinction is Progressing Well

A lot of species- thousands, are going extinct each year because of environmental changes. Human activity causes those changes. A science paper reported that this is actually the 7th mass extinction in the Earth’s history, rather than the 6th, because one at the end of the Ediacaran period occurred that wasn’t previously regarded as such.

One of the basic causes of mass extinctions is atmospheric composition changes, like lower oxygen levels. Destroying habitat can occur from chemical changes as well as bulldozers, auto exhaust etc. Human activities are well on the way to making the world sort of uninhabitable for many species including humans. That isn’t anything to worry about of course, if the rich can just get better tax cuts.

Early and Modern Premillennialism

 Modern premillennialism became popular in the middle of the 1800s, yet it’s been around since the second century at least. The church fathers were roughly evenly divided amidst post-millennialism and pre-millennialism. The most notable point to me though is that it seems like a lot of people miss out on Jesus’ prophecies concerning the first century events leading to the fall of Jerusalem etc. He was the most accurate prophet of all (he should of course being God the Son). He said all of the things would be fullfilled before the last of the present generation and they were. That doesn’t mean that other prophetic things he said were included ib the first century prophecy fulfillment items though. Here is a decent brief paper on early premillennialists.

I can’t say I was aware of the various sorts of predestination. There seems to be at least five varieties theologically speaking.…/Single-vs-Double-Predestination

Some Misunderstand Predestination and God’s Responsibility for Everything

Calvin’s ‘Institutes’ is a remarkable work. I believe many people today misunderstand the reformation movement and what the reformers thought about theology and the Bible. Paul wrote to the Ephesians (5:11) “Ephesians 5:11, KJV: And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Plainly Paul was referring to humans in a practical way; pagan society of the day had quite a lot of wickedness. Yet he wasn’t especially making theological research into predestination, omniscience and omnipotence and what that means as far as everything that is created. Incidentally McGee was of the opinion that what the Bible calls ‘evil’ are natural events (i.e. earthquakes, floods (including the one that drowned the first human civilization except for Noah and his family); the Bible refers to human evil, not as evil, rather as wickedness. It is probable that many people misunderstand the cosmological mechanics of the Universe that God created, and how he created it. Calvin was a believer in determinism, election and so forth and there are many opposed to that. They also tend to believe in salvation through works rather than grace.

The subject of predestination is fascinating and implied in the Bible numerous places. (ref…/what-does-the-bible…

In my opinion God being omnipotent and omniscient creates everything that exists including circumstances such as freedom that allow people to choose to do wickedness. Plainly the fallen human condition of original sin has changed the relationship of humans to God whom is perfect. He is the maker of pots and can break them if he wills that.

The topic is interesting cosmologically too. It seems that the Universe’s thermodynamics tend toward pre-destination on the largest scale as it was from the beginning giving a certain allotment of energy and then mass to exist and actualize all forms. The topic is fascinating and deep theologically and physically. One theoretical physicist speculated that a universe or Multiverse may exist where everything that can exist, already does-every possible Multiverse universe bit-and human minds with freedom switch between them with each thought, yet the Multiverse itself never changes, it is people choosing their own fate along possible world-lines.

The Revelation 22:10-12 “10And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. 11He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

12And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. 13I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”

That kind of statement is consistent with free will in a deterministic environment where individuals select their own fate. Yet there are thousands of points to consider about the power of God. I suppose he could create a Multiverse just in His thoughts, yet they have perhaps existed in His foreknowledge forever. 

A quote from Calvin’s ‘Institutes’…

“God, “willing to show his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much long-suffering the vessels of wrath fitted for destruction: and that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,” (Rom. 9:22, 23). Let my readers observe that Paul, to cut off all handle for murmuring and detraction, attributes supreme sovereignty to the wrath and power of God; for it were unjust that those profound judgments, which transcend all our powers of discernment, should be subjected to our calculation. It is frivolous in our opponents to reply, that God does not altogether reject those whom in levity he tolerates, but remains in suspense with regard to them, if per adventure they may repent; as if Paul were representing God as patiently waiting for the conversion of those whom he describes as fitted for destruction. For Augustine, rightly expounding this passage, says that where power is united to endurance, God does not permit, but rules (August. Cont. Julian., Lib. 5, c. 5). They add also, that it is not without cause the vessels of wrath are said to be fitted for destruction, and that God is said to have prepared the vessels of mercy, because in this way the praise of salvation is claimed for God, whereas the blame of perdition is thrown upon those who of their own accord bring it upon themselves. But were I to concede that by the different forms of expression Paul softens the harshness of the former clause, it by no means follows, that he transfers the preparation for destruction to any other cause than the secret counsel of God. This, indeed, is asserted in the preceding context, where God is said to have raised up Pharaoh, and to harden whom he will. Hence it follows, that the hidden counsel of God is the cause of hardening. I at least hold with Augustine that when God makes sheep out of wolves, he forms them again by the powerful influence of grace, that their hardness may thus be subdued, and that he does not convert the obstinate, because he does not exert that more powerful grace, a grace which he has at command, if he were disposed to use it (August. de Prædest. Sanct., Lib. 1, c. 2).

  1. These observations would be amply sufficient for the pious and modest, and such as remember that they are men. But because many are the species of blasphemy which these virulent dogs utter against God, we shall, as far as the case admits, give an answer to each. Foolish men raise many grounds of quarrel with God, as if they held him subject to their accusations. First, they ask why God is offended with his creatures who have not provoked him by any previous offense; for to devote to destruction whomsoever he pleases, more resembles the caprice of a tyrant than the legal sentence of a judge; and, therefore, there is reason to expostulate with God, if at his mere pleasure men are, without any desert of their own, predestinated to eternal death. If at any time thoughts of this kind come into the minds of the pious, they will be sufficiently armed to repress them, by considering how sinful it is to insist on knowing the causes of the divine will, since it is itself, and justly ought to be, the cause of all that exists. For if his will has any cause, there must be something antecedent to it, and to which it is annexed; this it were impious to imagine. The will of God is the supreme rule of righteousness,499 so that everything which he wills must be held to be righteous by the mere fact of his willing it. Therefore, when it is asked why the Lord did so, we must answer, Because he pleased. But if you proceed farther to ask why he pleased, you ask for something greater and more sublime than the will of God, and nothing such can be found. Let human temerity then be quiet, and cease to inquire after what exists not, lest perhaps it fails to find what does exist. This, I say, will be sufficient to restrain any one who would reverently contemplate the secret things of God. Against the audacity of the wicked, who hesitate not openly to blaspheme, God will sufficiently defend himself by his own righteousness, without our assistance, when depriving their consciences of all means of evasion, he shall hold them under conviction, and make them feel their guilt. We, however, give no countenance to the fiction of absolute power,500 which, as it is heathenish, so it ought justly to be held in detestation by us. We do not imagine God to be lawless. He is a law to himself; because, as Plato says, men laboring under the influence of concupiscence need law; but the will of God is not only free from all vice, but is the supreme standard of perfection, the law of all laws. “

Give Thanks to God Before Eating Food

Animals eat food to input energy and remain alive; it is fuel for existence. Animals don’t give thanks to God before eating though. Acknowledging the provisioning of God through his grace is a way humans with a soul differentiate themselves from thankless animals.

If original sin, or rather the punishment for original sin was waveform collapse into entanglement in the steady state of three-dimensions in the Higgs Field that is a state that requires the input of energy molecules to remain alive, in order for humans to merit salvation or rather receive salvation through the work of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and the Father, they need to be spiritually awakened or reborn into the spirit. That is they have a spiritual dimension that did not exist when they were simply fallen animals.

Giving thanks to God before eating is a plain sign of being awoke in spirit.

End of Human Cycle Nyet

Google has produced robots that can write their own code. Eventually that practice should evolve deception and programming vectors that allow insidious practices ad infinitum deleterious to human interests and those of human democracy. Quite likely gaming the system will let plutocratic insiders finesse society their way while manufacturing crises to control the populace. One cannot foreknow what effect that would have on the ecosphere or if the policy of those at the top of the programming food chain will let the masses continue to exist with a world of conceit placing everything at their feet including the moon and planets of the solar system.

Alaska has a new voting system that may require a mathematical statistician to understand. It seems like a gaming platform with consequences of voting or not voting for “second choices” that are challenging to calculate. It seems like a way for incumbents with name recognition to have an implicit edge, and the 2022, slow Alaska race for the U.S. Senate is an example of the corruption of the new system. The incumbent had an advantage in ranked choice voting.

Complexity and technology demand the masses be satiated with entertainment industries that are the equivalent of the bread and circuses of decadent imperial Rome. The masses will be indoctrinated in false historical consciousness ‘narratives’ reinforcing political agenda itineraries of the marionette political powers. It should not be passively blamed on predestination of the erroneous pre-tribulationist fundamentalists that misinterpret Christian eschatology parallel with that of many Muslims whom also misunderstand the Revelation and other eschatological scripture. The Dystopian novels 1984 and Brave New World are better choices for illuminating what their situation is, albeit with substantive upgrades to computing technologies and software that didn’t exist back in the day.

The actual end of human civilization probably will be humanity being slowly excised by big data programming iterations perfected by and upgraded with variations by robotic sentients. If Google hasn’t personnel with Machiavellian subscript intentions of dominating the world it isn’t improbable that those that emulate or abscond with code will eventually change it to evil purpose, even if like the inventor of machine guns, to try to benefit society by making weapons so terrible they should end war. nOne should just stop inventing weapons and artificial intelligence of course, yet the pay and personal benefits are so good people cannot resist.

Truth Theory part IV

There are numerous truth theories. I oprefer Quine’s disquotation theory of truth. Basically truth is an agreement between subject and object, or a way of abbreviating a list with quotes instead of enumerating all of the elements of a list. Someone asks if it is raining outside (paraphrasing one of Quine’s examples) and another replies, yes it is raining outside. Of course one need agree on what ‘outside’ means (such as locally in Pittsburgh rather than in the Amazonian rainforest), or one asks if all even numbers are greater than preceeding odd numbers; one may say yes that’s true instead of enumerating all of the even and odd numbers that exist to prove the point. It is logically sound to say that Jesus is Truth, Bibllically speaking, because as Creator of Everything God is the sole non-contingent Being. Everything else is relative and rather of a nominal character I would think since Universal monism is temporally divided into plural components aka ‘objects’ and event relationships.

Key to Electoral Corruption may be Alaska’s Ranked Choice Voting

Alaska has a new voting system that may require a mathematical statistician to understand. It seems like a gaming platform with consequences of voting or not voting for “second choices” challenging to calculate. It seems like a way for incumbents with name recognition to have an implicit edge, and the ongoing, slow Alaska race for the U.S. Senate is an example of the corruption of the new system. The incumbent has an advantage in ranked choice voting. It seems like counting some votes twice.

The challenger Kelly Tshibaka took more than 43% of the vote in the state and nearly all Republican votes although she and Lisa Murkowski, initially appointed by her father the former senator and then Governor both claim to be Republicans. Murkowskiy took most Democrat votes and will get more support when the Democrat candidate is eliminated in voting counting as Murkowski was the second choice of the few Democrats that actually voted for their own party candidate. Murkowski votes Democrat on all important social issues and also is pro-global warming gas development through fossil fuels, and is female so she is the Democrat’s choice who runs as an independent or Republican. The state Republican party supported Tshibaka.

In an election the winner ought to be the candidate that gets the most votes plainly. The ranked choice system muddies that and leaves voters uncertain about how to calculate or game the system by careful picking second through fifth choices to help their own first choice win even though they hate the rest of the field. To not vote for alternate ranked choices in some way counts against one’s own first choice.

Plutocrats are converting democracy to plutonomy and corporatocracy by degrees. Apparently social media statistically bans far more conservative political posts than liberal to such an extent that they actually influence elections. Something like 20% of independent voters voted to the left in 2020 because of social media skewers to the left creating more left supporting content. *(the data are difficult to confirm)

In corrupting a Democracy ranked choice voting seems like a good tool to make it more difficult for outsiders ever to get elected. Not only is it too costly and selected by factors other than competence or suitability, now it is also muddy as votes count in lesser degrees for some in accordance with how they are ranked. It reminds me of U.S. Constitution categories for some classes of Americans before it was amended when some citizens counted less than others for population counting purposes of the states.

DeSantis, Pence and Pompeo lead Republican list of Good Candidates for 2024

 The Republicans are loaded with good, traditional politicians that could serve as President in 2025. Of course none, like Democrats, know what ecological economics are and would flunk the curve of keeping planetary goals for ecospheric survival within viable limits. They aren’t unique, even the U.N. that made the sdg’s or sustainable development goals numbers 9 through 17 (the first eight are meaningful social agenda items that are irrelevant to measuring impact on planetary boundaries for survival of humanity)) doesn’t know enough to profile the planetary boundaries for-themselves.

The first eight goals are plainly social items that cannot be accomplished generally by poor nations. Female equality in earnings and education is a policy of developed nations that can afford cars for all that let women travel as fast as men, and machines that do most of the heavy lifting. In poor countries where so many scramble about for subsistence that day may be down the road a bit, unbelievable as that seems. Apparently even Europe as poor people in it that have fallen through the cracks somehow. The grandiose projects for ending poverty on Earth in a way that syntegrates itself with environmental sustainability that conserves the world ecosphere within the boundaries set for viability (like defragging the breaking up of wilderness areas so they can tie in to form seamless, contiguous areas, halting the anthropocene mass extinction of species, keeping the ocean from becoming more acidic and eliminating superfluous, deleterious greenhouse gas releases into the atmosphere) would seem to require a political genius that humanity lacks, at least in the United States. One of the problems is that wealth is concentrated and social media that influences voters is owned by the rich that have their own agenda to control the political thought of the masses and sycophant politicians that support the agenda while dissenting voices are repressed.

 President Biden is very skillful at using money as a lure and incentive to voters to win elections and forgetting the promises after. He used the low bid on ecospheric defense to boost his Presidential race and then failed to accomplish that and in the 2022 mid-term used the lure of free student loan debt relief to boost Democrats while after the election courts put down the policy that was based on executive action instead of congressionally approved spending. Wind-eggs, as Socrates like to term such matters, comprise much of the national response to environmental boundary survival challenges. With Ralph Nadir gone from the scene national and global prospects are rather bleak. Too bad there aren’t any Mo Udals around anymore.

Synthetic A Priori Judgments

I had a chess acquaintence at a now defunct chess site gobbled up by big chess who jokingly referred on occassion to ‘the knowledge’ as a most precious item to aspire to.

Sometimes I post at philosophy spots and had the occassion to clarify a point about metaphysics and knowledge. Someone felt that belief is an unsound basis to attain ‘the knowledge’ and one should be limited to empirical onservations, a priori judgements etc. Kant did write about synthetic a priori judgment though; fundamentally pure reason as a basis for making inferences about the unknown. Socrates also tried to show that some knowledge is innate and others that natural right and wrong for human behavior. Not to make the subject obtuse though…

I wrote and cited Stephen Moctezuma within this paragraph; The knowledge- a posteriori, is known, yet synthetic a priori judgments are inducted and fused “judgments that are known through pure reason alone, independent of experience, and they are ampliative to knowledge” aka metaphysics🙂. ref

View at

In using reason to make synthetic judgments concerning theoretical structures of the Universe(s) and its fields like one on Einstein general theory and gravity that are ongoing subjects of thought and testing when possible. the idea of abstract though prior to testing is exemplified

Is the N.S.A. a lot of spoilt sacs of ?

Is the N.S.A. a lot of spoiled sacs of manure with attitudes that trim their fellow Americans? Is it a collection of brighter than average individuals that trample on average people with the glee of empowered juveniles? Should they be placed under the supervision of the F.B,.I.”

When the N.S.A. corrupts the fabric of democracy rigging search engines, violating privacy and civil rights of Americans rather than just foreigners it is an agency that’s gone too far with a vast budget to wreak their ideas of class supremacy on the nation.

It may be, of course, that they aren’t such a bad lot of people that run no risks except getting fat paychecks and don’t experience the grime of military service. Perhaps they should be required to learn humility by an annual session low crawling through a pig farm yard.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals improvidently conflate categories

In my opinion conflating a social agenda with physical material boundaries is a disaster. The nine ecospheric boundaries should be separate and distinct from the social eight development goals. The mixed bag of goals and boundaries has a poisoned political pill for everyone. I suppose godless atheists might all be happy with abortion for the world’s poor women, and population growth does decline as women have fewer children when they are prosperous statistically, yet those are contentious political issues that won’t be treated well if elite bureaucrats sit around a donut-shaped table generating a lot of verbiage. God may have generated a Multiverse and predestined a Universe- who knows? Darwinist-only votaries tend to be ignorant about theology and metaphysics or hermeneutics generally and associate faith with beliefs common in the 19th century concerning creation- and that is very obsolete.

I couldn’t believe the piece on resilience; do people really need to know what Cicero thought about it or what old french or English variations were? It might be that the excess verbiage on resilience and systems analysis could be abbreviated by fitting them within parameters of Newton’s three laws of motion. Then one can flowchart all sort of squiggly pointillist art with data bits that show the way things flow and how the patterns go. Some whirlpools in creeks return to form even if a boat engine disrupts them passing through. Entropy does count.

Long ago I drew up a flowchart for the logical progression to one world government. It’s a jejune idea that youth have withoiut realizing the problems with that (it’s best suited for dictatorships). The U.N. conflation of 17 sustainable development goals that seems itself like an oxymoron since development makes most people think of the current high-entropy economic system seems jejune though the topics are serious for all 17. It’s just a poorly constructed item.

Free citizens tired of the communist threat; not because of inequality but more so because bureaucratic elites of the communist party dictated what people could or couldn’t do and the dictatorship of the communist party was kind of a drag. It oppressed religious ideas (“churches don’t work anymore”) and so forth. Conflating the eight social points with none physical boundaries debases the critical importance of the planetary boundaries so seriously that they won’t get done. The nine boundaries aren’t serious enough to merit separate and distinct objective evaluation so nations and voters can decide what they want to do about them for themselves?

Piketty’s ideas for remedies to the inequality of wealth are good enough yet simple. Increase progressive taxation and put a tax on capital. Concentrated wealth and power prefer to own the media and internet and repress ideas that might affect their power and wealth adversely and that is becoming worse all the time.

James Lovelock wrote in The Final Warning that humanity only has about 200 years remaining before the big crash environmentally reaches a very high level and world population crashes to 200 million. Jacques Cousteau estimated a similar paradigm. In the 1970s and 80s it was written that global sustainable human population is only about 2 billion. Certainly if the technology for agriculture and living and zoning laws are as bad as political choices in democracies and real practical applications of the techne toolkit the pessimists probably are correct.

The electorate general has no idea of what the nine planetary boundaries are, so coupling them with a left leaning, atheist social agenda will just create such social divisions that few countries will be able to agree even though the EU might like to export its social agenda globally. Democracy can allow progressive tax rates without requiring a socialistic economic. Basically though if people are too dumb to be interested in saving themselves from ecospheric disaster caused by their economic toolkit survivors living off-world for a time may need to let the world fix itself up to use it again someday. Maybe a remnant will survive.

I believe the social items of value to some can be accomplished with an enlightened international on-line population of people willing and able to help. The closure of publishing freedom because of political and economic repression is a great way to let just sycophants express themselves freely.

The idea of sustainable development goals seems an oxymoron in a world with finite resources that preclude development of classical economic methods. THe U.N. conflation of a social agenda and planetary boundaries seems to necessarily force political conflict because of the social agenda. Getting everyone to agree on saving the ecosphere from reaching a point where human life isn’t very sustainable on Earth is necessary. The social agenda is a million faceted and debatable cluster that could be solved innumerable ways. Corporatocracy seems a threat to democracy and free society while the sanguine futurism requires a hushed up and subjugated population.

I appreciate the effort yet a more circumspective philosophical examination would be an improvement over pure institutional donut-dipping verbiage. Realpolitk includes an awareness of human nature and short-sightedness in pursuit of economic advantage.

Agriculture consumes most freshwater; invent new agriculture and water production models

A few thoughts on the topic…Since agriculture consumes most of the planet’s fresh water in arable regions besides destroying forest habitat useful for a healthy climate new ways of making water from saltwater and growing food together should be innovated. Desalinating saltwater pumped in pipelines (and siphoned maybe) uphill to the continental divide along the border would build a large supply of water to be made fresh with solar evaporation and condensation with capture in large canals with lids. To capture the evaporating fresh water and let it slide down slope into fresh capture canals.

It would seem obvious that hydroponic crop production along the Mexican border in proximal dry canals with fresh water spilled into them would be productive. It might be possible to clear roof over sealed growing areas that let light through yet lose just a small percent of water. It could be possible to grow vegetables or fruit in transparent pipeline filled with water that move the food downhill to production facilities.

Fundamentally capitalism demands that the cheapest food production methods dominate market sales. To conserve water or produce more and increase global food supply new methods of food production that are cheaper and more effective need be developed.

Here is a reference to and quote from select works on agriculture’s affect on the ecosphere today…

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“TI – Agriculture production as a major driver of the Earth system exceeding planetary boundaries
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Shouldn’t there be an authorized list of products not harmful to biodiversity?

Consumers generally haven’t any idea about which products are safely made and harmless for global genetic biodiversity. It would be helpful to have an easily accessible on-line data base of products that aren’t harmfully contributing to mass extinction.

In my opinion not a single consumer out of a thousand, and maybe one in ten thousand actually checks out product status in regard to being harmless or harmful concerning mass extinction before they buy it. When consumers visit stores they look for good buys, items on sale and things they can afford. Virtually none even know how to find out if a bar of soap, a can of soup or toilet paper contributes to loss of land resources in regard to biodiversity, habit etc, or if the transportation used is polluting the sky or killing fish. It is simply too technical for non-scientists and the opportunity cost of making internet searches for each product is way too harmful in regard to time lost for the inquirer on-line.

Someone really ought to coordinate a unified product list of numbers to verify the genetic biodiversity status of each and sort them by categories and rank for easy on-line review. It would be helpful to have them tied in to product ubc bar codes on labels.

President Trump should move to Golden Pond in 2024

With luck Donald Trump will decide not to enter the 2024 Presidential race and forego developing the nation into a banana republic. He could of course choose to wear a uniform coat with epaulets and ribbons while extolling the greatness he confers upon the public with so little reward yet the attraction of letting a more representative candidate- a guy with degrees from Harvard, Yale and grad of navy seal school get put down with his withering wit may be irresistible. The nation could you a gerontocratic battle; mano y mano, of two old guys with remarkable few remaining skills in comparison to those they had a few decades ago.

Governor DeSantis is one quality candidate and the nation needs one or more of those. Joe Biden and Donald Trump should enjoy the wealth and satiation of their elder years and allow the nation to find actual quality leadership. The Roman Republic and Empire suffered quite a bit when they had a string of bad leaders. The fate of their nation like the well being, security and solvency of a nation suffers with bad leadership.

I appreciate the fact that President Trump was the sole realistic alternative to Hillary Clinton and maybe half of the nation is grateful that he kept the Clintons from seizing the day, and of course the Demo Party has punished him so far as possible ever since. If he chooses to run again and loses, or brought his unusual attitude to office he can only do the public harm (unless the sole alternative was four more years of Joe Biden). Americans don’t like to elect family dynasties much and plutocrats are not very liked either. The nation did revolt against the upper class to start with and don’t need another one established to wrench progress with an over-concentration of wealth.

Intelligent, sober old people are a blessing to the nation; intemperate individuals less so in public office. One may have strong opinions yet egoism and assertiveness go a long way to give the appearance of a lack of intellect and knowledge. President Biden and Trump each seem terribly afflicted with personal egoism. Trump’s is over and Biden’s is covert. The federal government needs better leaders. Even an older Ralph Nadir would be a better choice.

Nets Should Trade Kyrie Irving to the Lakers for Russell Westbrook

Brooklyn should trade Kyrie Irving for Russel Westbrook strait across and move on to the satisfaction of both teams. Westbrook hasn’t played well for the Lakers for some reason and Irving has trouble with false consciousness concerning Jews and history. The trade would benefit the league.

Corporatocracy silences people saying things that they believe won’t help sales including entertainment league people like basketball players. Yet people shouldn’t be forced to say things they don’t believe in order to work a job- even if what they do believe is wrong.

Irving should be happy to return to L.A. and his former teamate Lebron James. Playing basketball instead of making bad history analysis and commentary on films that were as inflamatory to Jews as the Satanic Verses were to Muslims would be a better investment of time. Russell Westbrook at least doesn’t believe Sasquasch and Donald Trump are conspiring with Russians to start an intifadah until Elvis is released from captivity.

Herschel Walker needs to bust through OPFOR Democrat Line

 It looks like Republicans will win the House, and there are just three Senate races remaining undecided that will determine if Republicans can take the Senate too. Adam Laxalt will add Nevada to the Republican column i.m.o., and Mark Kelly will take Arizona for the Demos and that leaves the fate of the Senate up to Herschel Walker vs a Rev. Warnock in what should be a runoff election.

Republicans have 49 seates and they need 51 to take control. I believ Mr. Walker should bust through the remaining Democrat line in the reunoff as he did against opposition on the field. Rev Warnock probably supports Ukraine military arms shipments, abortion and homosexual marriage- another neo-Christian who disregards Biblical paradigmata for election and personal career advance purposes.

Can one be a Democrat politician without being a hawk on N.A.T.O. expansion, war in Ukraine, sanctions on Russia, abortion and homosexual marriage? 

Democracy in Peril without better Search Engine Listings!

This is a day Democrats have warned about; evidence that Democracy is in peril by Republicans. Therefore my crummy search engine listings must be responsible for the danger to democracy too, and maybe other unknown factors are also imperiling democracy, like the green party that died after Ralph Nadir took votes from Al Gore. If the Green Party rose from the ashes democracy would be even more endangered than now, or at least the Democrat Party would be.

Faith inferred from knowledge

Metaphysics and faith are useful in many fields. That is one might want to infer from what is known or use inductive reasoning to fill in gaps of the unknown. That’s useful in sailing, inventing things etc. Sometimes what isn’t known is necessary knowledge to have and one must outline a mind map creatively to discover that bite of land to put a boat in before dark. If one relied entirely on what is well-known and didn’t sometimes draw some sketchy inferences from it so much creative thought that turns out to be right would be lost. Faith that one’s judgment or dead reckoning is correct is necessary if one needs to act on one’s belief. Sometimes life presents forced options (as William James described) so one must make a choice. Even the Bible (Romans 10:17) has faith based on knowledge. “17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Metaphysics is the leading edge of physics and especially cosmology. I doubt if Hugh Everett’s many worlds conjecture developed as an alternative to the Copenhagen interpretation would have been created without his meta-physics thought about gambling (greater than physics) and game theory. Recombining diverse and theoretical concepts in thought experiments is a way that new and true ideas about physical cosmology can be found.

Modal logic universes can be theoretical universes or metaphysics used to test the logical validity of relations within a set. Those relations could be physical laws of a universe or even theological concerns such as determinism that in turn can be exchanged with select concepts from entropy and information theory. One populates a universe with a criterion of members or elements and then may verify the logic of their functions. Some universes may be non-functional yet others may be valid though not exclusively valid. In my opinion that field is metaphysics though technically it is modern logic and math, physics or whatever goes into it.

Consolidating the Multiverse/Universe Comment

  Are you familiar with the concept of a Multiverse? A Universe may be just one region of it, and I would think that various kinds of fields may exist that are larger than a single Universe. If a Universe is initially just a singularity it is contained within some volume. Parmenides and Heraclitus might have liked that kind of inquiry. There are different and scalar kinds of singularities just as some infinities  are greater than others (re; Greg Cantor and trans-finite numbers). 

If a Universe expands from a singularity that had all of the energy that would eventually become mass it is probable that some universes expanded from different sizes of singularity. Some black holes are larger than others.

You may be aware that mass and ‘objects’ are nothing more than apparent phenomena occurring in the Higgs field. Two-dimensional particles slow down in the field and pick up an appearance of a third dimension in the direction of travel. Massless two-dimensional particles seem to be close to the basic state of everything.

I would not guess the true state of Universes is simply singularity or mustard seeds that expand for a while into universes before spending all of their energy in thermodynamic processes. There may be more than that, yet I believe a singularity is a real object that is one and comprises an entire universe-in-itself. Some people prefer to call a Multiverse a ‘universe’ and that is reasonable I suppose. That reinforces the idea that none know what a Universe is well enough to set comprehensive boundaries. 

Quine defined the concept of linguistic ‘universes’ rather well in Ontological Relativity. Each language lexicon is like a defined set of numbers that can’t be converted directly into a different set without corrupting the elements. The meaning of Universe exists in different lexicon/word sets and is part of the challenge of postulating metaphysics for cosmology, universes, Multiverse etc.

Information is conserved- Shannon Entropy, and isn’t destroyed. Apparently no information is lost; not even if the Universe ‘ends’. Matter and energy are convertible and were thought to be neither created or destroyed as well. That raises the point that if information is created yet not destroyed permanently (not even in black holes); was information never created (except by God) as well? Did the information of the Universe pre-exist the existence of the Universe? If determinism with free will is the fact the author of a deterministic Metaverse might not be required by anything he writes into being to rewrite it or ever be subject to the laws of a contingent universe. I believe it useful when considering metaphysics of universes to consider what God could do with universes to infer characteristics of singularity and universes for-themselves.