A Deterministic Universe (With Some Uncertainty in It)

It is possible for a deterministic Universe to exist (since a Universe exists and might be determined). It is reasonable to consider the issue a little further perhaps.

One would tend to make an evaluation about the state of pre-destination or determinism in the Universe on the basis of extrapolating from observation and inferences or interpretation of revelation I would think. The Second Law of thermodynamics and the arrow of time seem to support the idea that everything is determined within certain limits. Quantum mechanics and the standard model indicate that all interactions of quanta are pre-determined to occur with certain values and rules of order. Degrees of freedom of motion and of association of quanta have a determined element with an element of uncertainty simultaneously in order to allow structure to exist and change to occur. Being and nothingness are common elements of existence.

“Testimonium divinitatis est veritas divinationis. Tertullian.To foretell things contingent, which depend upon no natural causes, is peculiar to Deity.”

There is another point somewhat interesting; that of different categories of infinites. Cantor and Godel developed a logic of trans-fine sets and of a set of all sets conundrum respectively, yet there may be another transformative sort of infinity, or a different kind of infinity that differs in destination rather than just cardinal or ordinal character. An infinite series of numbers may morph at some point into something else, such as a line of natural numbers morphing into a cloud of numbers, and that may exemplify the space-time or phenomenal importance of location for infinite series. Alternatively an infinite series could just continue, yet as a singularity at T=0 extrapolated from Einstein’s field equations might lead one to contemplate is thought of as reducible infinitely with recursively concentrating gravity, the abstraction of an infinite series might be changed by the physics of quanta and permissible forms of being. A singularity could morph into a field or cloud I guess.

One cannot at all be certain about the metaphysics of the solid-state energy field that is the Universe. Innumerable dimensions morphing like ghosts through one another creating temporal physics here and there are possible. Its been noted that the Universe could be a hologram-like event horizon around the black hole in a five-dimensional metaverse. I believe that God created the Universe myself and have thought about the six days of creation equated with the special theory of relativity and a differential value for how mankind observers speed-of-light values for God as something in the billions of years range (Twin’s Paradox).
If one uses a realm-of-forms context for quantum forms like one-dimensional branes, quarks, atoms, etc. and any given field such as a Higgs field presenting the energy quanta that appears to observers to be mass it would be reasonable to consider the zero-mass context for light, the speed of light as a massless quanta and that relation to Spirit as faster than light in so far as it transcends the matrix of space-time and energy-mass comprising the Universe clump of energy-mass. God wills it to exist for a while.