Evolution as the ‘Dog Ate My Homework’ Political Excuses

Human history cannot be described with evolution. Human history is determined by free will and is a concatenation of social actions. Evolution is a way of describing empirical events over time regarding space-time continuum change and order yet the practical effect of describing human social activity as evolution would be to negate free will, social responsibility and political accountability-a politician’s dream.

 Evolution builds organic complexity, yet it also deletes innumerable species forms over time with the Occam’s razor of survival selection of adaptation to the Time=Present environment. Homosexuals in species are normally deleted by evolution. Politicians and media hawking evolution to support a homosexual marriage society are working against evolutionary tradition in blind ignorance. Evolution does not select the best, the largest predators or the deserving-it describes post hoc the survivors of environmental challenges and how they adapted.
 Evolution in scientific field theory describing change in biology has inspired a vast legion malaprop imitators in fields beyond science. Evolution to the unholy warblers means amoral change in an environment without moral values. Natural evolution has no moral values it is theorized, so nothing moral is of value. Yet human society works faster than evolution does. The human mind has a kind of free will that can work against the second law of thermodynamic locally in ways that nature does not. Nature does not work out-of-its own laws as might humans launch Spaceships to leave a gravity well from a planet. Only in advanced biological forms where natural process begin to be eclipsed can free will and all of its dangers appear. Only in intentional human social design can human society adapt unto its own dangerous nature or overcome the willful ignorance. Human society can design a democratic polity within a healthy environment if it respects spiritual potential and does not choose to negate responsibility with a self-destructive appeal to intellectually nihilistic evolution for a political rationale.
Evolution as a concept-word became applied to every aspect of life and experience including comedy. Yet evolution as a word also justified elite social disregard for traditional laws and morality including that of families. The left view of families is that they are a repressive hierarchical and patriarchal social unit of exploitation, hence it is useful to work toward their dissolution in order to ‘evolve’ to a more advanced society with equal personhood for all.
 Human social activity is better described by history rather than evolution. Evolution generally is a far slower process than human social change. Humans surpass evolution and design their own social reality and to a large extent design their own environment. Birds did not evolve to fly in a day while the Wright brothers changed human history at Kitty Hawk. The Manhattan Project changed the technological applications of nature in a few years while there is virtually nothing new occurring in nature; gravity works, stars form producing molecules and elements, planets form, stars die etc. On a planetary level humans work faster than evolutionary processes. Mount Saint Helens might erupt and change the environment yet with means known in processes that have occurred countless times. Environmental changes and the biosphere of a local area changes-sometimes quickly with acidification of oceans after release of methane hydrates or climate fluctuations, yet the organisms for themselves change slowly-it is the ratio and balance of numbers of different organisms in the environment that changes quickly sometimes.
Human beings tend to inadvertently and sometimes quickly change the balance of species numbers and relationships in nature from extermination of the passenger pigeon or devastation of North Atlantic cod. Human actions accelerate evolutionary effects upon the environment and species yet with the power of selective, intentional will not found in nature beyond that of humanity. Human free will surpasses evolutionary processes and can lap them to a large extent in a destructive or constructive way. Humanity can destroy the global ecosystem of it will intentionally or unintentionally yet it could also restore the existing ecosphere or build new ecospheres upon other worlds devoid of life.
 The use of evolution as a word to justify virtually anything at all in the field of politics is simply misguided. Humans may select their own moral directions including that of negating a belief in morality or good and evil. In evolutionary history there have been hundreds of hominid species closely related to homo sapiens with the last existing as recently as 15,000 B.C. Today just one survives-homo sapiens. If that is considered evolutionary progress it is reasonable to wonder if evolution will continue to progress toward extermination of the surviving hominid.
 Human free will within the deterministic criterion selected by God for the physics of the creation allows the intentional selection of faster-than-evolution material courses to take or fabricate, build and allocate with technology invented and social values innovated with careful, reflective, spiritual insight into the nature of things. Evolution as a political validation of any sort of change or corruption is a new way for the stupid to corrupt social foundations and concentrate wealth for-themselves and for their social class. It is a dangerous and regressive abnegation of human social progress.
Consider that in evolutionary rather than human history countless species have become extinct. Mass extinction by degrees is a normal rather than a rare phenomenon in evolutionary history. Rolling waves of species deletion occurs as new species displace and replace the old. Is that a good model for an ideal or desirable human society? Is evolution for humans not more of a fascist nature than democratic and rational? Shouldn’t humans regard rationality and spirituality as more valuable than fascist, phenomenal conquest accomplished through any available means?

Quoting Watson from ‘Divinity’ page 70- “a word to the wicked, who march furiously against God and his people, let them know that God’s decree is unchangeable. God will not alter it, nor can they break it; and while they resist God’s will they fulfill it. There is a two-fold will of God, Voluntas praecepti et decreti; ‘the will of God’s precept, and of his decree.’ While the wicked resist the will of God’s precept, they fulfil the will of his permissive decree. Judas betrays Christ, Pilate condemns him, the soldiers crucify him; while they resist the will of God’s precepts, they fulfil the will of his permissive decree. Acts 4:48. God commands one thing, they do the contrary; to keep the Sabbath, and they profane it. While they disobey his command, they fulfil his permissive decree. If a man sets up two nets, one of silk, the other of iron, the silken net may be broken, not the iron; so while men break the silken net of God’s command, they are taken in the iron net of his decree; while they sit backward to God’s precepts, they row forward to his decrees; his decrees to permit their sin, and to punish them for their sin permitted.”