Federal Court Stops Pres. Obama’s Imperial Illegal Alien Amnesty Decree

Millions of illegal aliens granted amnesty, perhaps illegally too, by President Obama acting in his imperial mode learned that a just and wise federal judge has granted a temporary stop of the policy. Skeptic as one may be about the integrity of the federal judiciary regarding homosexuality (perhaps some are in the same circuit of behavior as President Clinton was and the advocates of homo marriages have pictures that prove it), on the alien immigration problem and porous borders the courts have generally been as willing to support U.S. border control as milk toast.

Illegal aliens could easily be contained if federal laws were enacted to deputize state law officials to arrest and remand to federal custody persons found to be in the U.S.A. illegally. One can imagine that if a terrorist enters the U.S.A. illegally claiming to be from Juarez a state official would be charged with profiling and civil rights violations if he arrested him for being illegally in the U.S.A.

Well I don’t want to be harsh on the illegal alien issue since I think America is doomed to be corrupted anyway if the U..S. Supreme Court green lights homo marriage. The contentious issue might have been avoided if homos cared at all about the nation or America’s place in the world. Alternative remedies for queer couplings to have some sort of government recognition other than marriage was a more pragmatic approach rather than the expropriate and degrade, subvert traditional morality and the historical intent of state legislators approach.

As a matter of conscience some people will want to find another country to reside in if the U.S.A. becomes too corrupt. If I need to look for a cheap sailboat and some way of living abroad some day that would be a surprising evolution. Mexico is corrupted by drug gangs and drug violence, yet other Latino (Latina) nations have better traditional morality in some respects than the U.S.A. I may need to learn Spanish to habla retirement village. Even so I think nations are better off with legal rather than illegal immigration that generally supports social corruption.

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  1. That seems non-sense to me. Illegal aliens have nothing at all to do with affordable housing-they do work on mass-tract housing that trashes the environment and enriches scamming contractors of course-yet they also displace labor wages (I am a painter and have to compete directly with illegal alien painters) so I couldn’t afford housing the illegals throw up anyway. I would need to build my own home-perhaps from a kit.


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