Lighter Than Light (poem)

Massless particles of field dreams
stretched across dimensions
where space-time is an image of shadows
beginning where a spoken word
sends harmonic forms through nothingness

Darkening clouds appeared
roiling beyond nothing like a heartbeat
with echoes returned alone
creatively as hope snowballs
as against nihilism a sail was set
turning upwind into a current

Thickness of space-time shades
the colors refracted and in motion
fixing strings to a dream field
attachment correlatives of gravity
drawing together topology and mass
space accelerating away downhill in every direction
plunging through foam in space-times
toward the end of the lines of time, motion
steady-state Universes

Waves of light fly as emanations
songbirds and sorrows carven from eternity regarded
from a temporal point of view as things-for-themselves
uncorrected and per-destined to be and become
without the perfect sound or perfect shelter
to race around flotsam in a stream

With fifty shades of space-times
said to cohere across special relativity
in measured differentials
equating why nothing happens most slowly
nearly massless particles without much time
yet enough since mass attracts time as it is

For the field has dimensions
permitted entanglements
quantum connections short-cutting
through the topology of space-time massless
grown like barnacles from the field
as if an infinitely small particle
wasn’t possible
where field attachments are a vanishing point
and dreams disappear
into subconsciousness
lighter than light.