Like Quantum Computer Rain Showers (poem)

-The Spirit moving through an nth dimensional quantum computer of Universes is one way to regard cosmology as poetry

Like Quantum Computer Rainshowers

Used quanta of the universe
filling an infinite quantity of arrays
tensors comprising faster-than-light series
quintillion to the nth matrices
ice crystal bits
flowing to reposition themselves actualizing ideas
data multiplied across infinite Universes
trans-dimensional arrays steady state fields evolve
like images in the mind of God through regular order
intervals of times and space arisen from singularity at coordinate alpha
as a phenomenality of a quantum computer universe
Simultaneously calculating through all-possible Universe
echoes of ideas from a deity like calculations for-themselves
Areas of energy and emptiness formed with differential extrusions of power and balance
pushed to a comparatively minimal state
fields where a singular bubble of power expands drawn through the emptiness
while energy attracts it beyond
through shadows seeming like tomorrows
with the field decreasing it virtual content
and the field without attracting the lines of tensors
roiling through forms of evolving steady states
of waves and undercurrents, quantum eigenvalues and snipped strings
The kingdom of God within the sentient beings
realizing Spirit emerging within their own nature
as they were created within a creation
to awaken unto the transcending Spirit
without the material universe in steady-state continua
formed in dimensional potential to be and become
appearances of unbound steady state entanglements
deterministically growing to surpass themselves
Broca’s brain upsurging in the being of Eve
to become a dragon reawakening the Id of evolution
attacking the cerebral awakening of Adam
to conscience and creativity
conversing with the Spirit
after the sixth day
when special relativity had brought mankind through 13 billion years
to realize time and space
that the Spirit had won.