North to Alaska for Troubled Euro-Jews?

Israeli P.M. Netanyahu asked for Jews to leave Europe and migrte to Israel to avoid the anti-Jewish terror in Europe caused by Muslims. The reasoning is plain to a certain extent yet Alaska is a better place for Jews to migrate. Let me explain…

Alaska has a population of fewer than a million souls with Alaska natives comprising perhaps 300,000. The state is twice the size of Texas and important to world and U.S. environmental futures. However the Alaska economy is rather retarded in development with the vast oil establishment and the state government a servo-unit reliant upon it. Between the public sector and oil, federal government spending and fishing with some tourism that’s about it. The state government is entirely retarded on alternative energy and social infrastructure development. Jews could change all that.

It is true that Alaska was traditionally cold yet now its about 20 degrees f warmer than in the 1960s. While Boston has 7 feet of snow once could use S.E. beaches for nude air bathing with just a modicum of brown bear attack danger. When Alaska had a trade fair with the Japanese the state could show basket weaving, arts, crafts and crude oil in an imported glass yet that was about it. Albert Einstein was a Jew purportedly. Jews are said to have a higher I.Q. than any other race as a result one would think of religious faith. Enough Jews able to arrive and support themselves independently perhaps developing new thinking in ecospheric conservation and restoration, alternative transport and so forth could diversify the economy and break-up the insider inertia that permeates the social environment.

Sufficient Jews could revitalize Alaska’s moribund economy while the price of oil is so low that the state has a vast budget deficit. While the U.S.A. looks to financial scams to concentrate wealth for the rich with some pork and corn cast out to the local Americans in low-paying unskilled jobs, Alaska has a vast potential for development as an anti-global warming state exemplifying solid Jewish leadership to the alt-energy underdeveloped world.

Muslims have a political system more than a religion, a theocracy with theology heavily based on political totalitarianism. Leftist broadcasters including Jews at N.P.R. (not all Jews are smart economic leaders obviously) consistently present Muslim terrorists as rare extremists. Actually war on infidels is as Muslim as any conservative Muslim could possibly be. Leftists simply can’t face the facts and tend to instead support the rise of atheist extremists and all the strife that entails.