U.S. Agression Against Russia’s Core Dnieper History is Unwise

It is difficult to keep a nation or a family together. Abraham Lincoln did that for the U.S.A. when the threat to ordinary citizens of the first people’s democracy seemed greater if the house was divided to let global aristocrats dismantle it entirely defeating America in economic detail. Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to keep traditional Russia together with the same degree of resistance from financially aristocratic leaders of the west.

The misinformed and bullying Obama administration policy of developing war upon Slavic Russians of Eastern Ukraine descended from Middle and Eastern Slavs is also a proxy tool for Anglo aggression against Russia. Ruling elites sometimes move inertially forward within a political bubble of social solipsism failing to comprehend the history and vital interests of others. A sycophantic broadcast media may blow the warm smoke of pomp and circumstance up a politician’s ass.

Since the first world war England has been America’s master to the U.S. blaster politically speaking when Thunderdome policies present to recover lost power of the British Empire. For the U.S.A. it is an irresponsible policy inimical to U.S. national security interests.

One may roll back the clock to find Brits attacking at Sevastopol or Chancellor being expelled from Russia and forget the Russian roll back of Nazis across the broad Eastern front of the second world war, yet one ought to remember that Grand Prince Oleg of Kievan Rus, after taking the title in 882, took co of the lower Dnieper. As the historian Melvin Wren commented-he cleared the water road from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The Dnieper remains a vital Russian interest in spite of Bill Clinton’s plundering of Ukraine from a drunken President Yeltsin.

In order for the Russian people to have given up their ancestral homeland in anything but a shyster’s court fashion a referendum would have needed to have been held at least 7 years after the coercive pressures of regime change under external threat and pressure had been achieved and a new stability developed. As it was President Clinton took advantage of Russian disarray and of a drunk leader to accomplish what the Imperial German leadership accomplished with Vladimir Lenin during the first worlds war-relinquishment of the Ukraine under pressure and for support in taking over.

Russians will not for generations forget that Kiev is their ancestral homeland and the Dnieper River their first core commercial highway. Thought the United State’s leadership may wish to battle upon Russians with proxies in the Ukraine that policy of dividing Europe will not be a satisfactory long-range policy and is likely to be abandoned by future U.S. Presidents, yet even if it were not a war and enmity for several generations of no necessity to gravity select Wall Street-Harvard financial insiders and 10 Downing Street is wrong. Consider the sentiment if Brits were forced to give up the Thames, Chinese the Yangtze River, Americans the Potomac or Mississippi. What if Massachusans were backed into a corner, stripped of their dirty salmon deficient rivers and sold into wage slavery? Would they like that?

Like global warming Americans must have a change of heart to reach a righteous policy. If global warming may be compared to sin, the United States must not fool itself in believing that it will evolve away from sin over time because of the bad long-term effects. Instead it must have a complete change of heart and stop sinning today; tearing out heat-absorbing asphalt highways, building electric transport infrastructure without producing greenhouse gases and so forth. It must will itself with the providence of God to being a new energetic creation.

Oleg’s successor was Igor-a son of the Viking founder of the Rurik dynasty that ruled over the Slavs of the region at their request in the beginning to provide security for Slavic commercial establishments. Igor’s ancestors later ruled in Moscow too. Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev, baptized in 988, fought in the Crimean Peninsula and brought Christianity to his empire. One of his sons; Yaroslav ruled in Novgorod at the northern end of the water road the United States seeks to expropriate entirely from the Rus. When Vladimir dies in 1005 the succession was unclear and conflict between brothers ensued. Yaroslav who came to be know as Yaroslav the Wise emerged to rule the Rus and Slavs of the Dnieper empire from Novgorod to the Crimean Peninsula. Yaroslav promulgated laws known as Russkaia Pravda- Russian Justice.

Politicians of Washington D.C. find it acceptable these days to trample on the heritage of countless generations of peoples because they have the pure military power to do so. Yet in so doing they set back for generations the reputation of the United States for pursuing justice rather than power and the expropriation of lands and possessions. In failing to at least share the Dnieper with Russia U.S. leadership is establishing enmity and a wedge that will act to undermine U.S. security for generations. It does not simply need to achieve a short-term victory with superior military power and the little nation will hush up so homosexual marriage can be established and Christianity marginalized.

This power of God is against the wicked. God’s power will not be the sinner’s shield to defend him, but a sword to wound him. God’s power will bind the sinner in chains. His power serves to revenge the wrong done to his mercy. He will be Almighty to damn the sinner. Now, in what condition is every unbeliever? God’s power is engaged against him,

and ‘it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.’ Heb 10:31.”-Thomas Watson (Divinity page 78).

Russia has a history of principalities ruled by a central Grand Prince later evolving to become named a tsar. When Kievan domination evolved and gave way to rule in Novgorod in the 13th century and while Mongols were invading the Moskva River frontier had a fort-a kreml built on it that was initially sacked by Mongols, yet on the frontier Moscow emerged as a commercial center and was a better jumping off point to resist Mongol invaders. Eventually Alexander Nevsky appointed a son to rule in Moscow. In time the principality of Moscow became the power center over the principalities of Kiev, Novgorod and Lithuania. Centuries of war to keep Russian lands free of Mongol invaders, Muslims, Germans, Poles and Brits followed to the present day more or less. Into that history President Obama boldly goes forth where no U.S. President was rash enough to go before and engage the U.S.A. on the wrong side of a millennium long battle for Slavs to be free of oppressors in the Eurasian conflict zone of striving and suffering for freedom.

It is quite possible that with the example of the American left entirely supporting what is in effect a war of conquest by the post-cold war west upon implicit Russian lands for the benefit of foreign financial aristocrats that the European left will take a turn to the right realizing what a lot of hypocritical killers the American left are supporting aggressive wars through other means to conquer historically Russian national lands. Wrong value theory and existential historical logic will not well-serve the American left. Europeans and others may learn that in order to force corrupt moral and political values on others a strong central government able to override the objections of affiliated states to homosexual marriage is undesirable. Too strong of a central government destroys the individual states as laboratories of democratic expression and compels them to submit to corrupting Federal judicial decisions or Chief Executive’s will to wage unjust wars of expansion. New federations of nations of the future will learn from the tragic lessons of the United States I would think, yet of course foreign nations and states may be as gullible as those of the U.S.A. and repeat the failures of the past.

The political natural balance will not be achieved until Moscow at least shares the Dnieper River with whatever predators of the west are there at any given time.