U.S. Government Policy; Spy on Everyone (Hacked into SIM Card Manufacturer for Encryption Data)

In the world of spies the N.S.A. is no slacker targeting private business manufacturers of cell phone cards evidently. Edward Snowden has revealed the N.S.A. conducted invasive hacking on the largest  manufacturer of sim cards for cell phones so encryption data could be obtained. Industrial espionage on friends is bad business and so are is the capacity to violate most cell phone encryption so N.S.A. computers can suck up all the telecommunications of the world. It’s the Democrat Party way though.


In an information age where proprietary information matters the ability of corrupt government to violate privacy completely sucks bad. People just don’t realize how sorry of a situation has developed in Washington D.C. and other capitals or how to reform it yet still create security. A queer totalitarian government seems the Obama administration ideal with unlimited planetary power to know anything that anyone has to say to anyone everyplace on Earth. Of course the rich get richer too.

It is irritating when D.C. insiders just keep concentrating wealth and power while some Americans stay broke. All of that information gets shared through the revolving door of D.O.D. contracting and so forth. Ronald Reagan’s biggest war was the battle for Grenada with not too many casualties. Presidents since have always found a way to create barrels of blood spilled while piling up debt deeper and deeper or giving away U.S. industry and jobs abroad. Paradoxically all that inside information the N.S.A. filches and that probably travels via dark pools to contractors and business outsourcing work to China helps some global economies advance.

On an unrelated question, I wonder how it is that every week in the U.S.A. more people apply for unemployment compensation than the number of people hired to jobs created in the U.S.A. in a month, yet the unemploymennt rate is said to drop?