Can Britain Diminish the Distance Between the Privileged and the Downtrodden?

Britain has an unsustainable economy inherited and standard of living inherited from the somewhat defunct British Empire. Transitioning to a sustainable economic foundation requires living within one’s means ecologically speaking. Britain has thus transformed itself into investing in foreign nations and promoting globalism in order to skim wealth from everywhere. The United States has preponderantly followed that course too. As a result wealth is concentrated and the rich don’t want to share with the majority. In other words everything is a.f.up’d.

The basic problem is that of original sin; it is inherent in thermodynamic processes. The 2nd law of thermodynamics brings human organisms to consume and desire to reproduce and have power. Jesus Christ makes it possible to transcend that paradigm. God visited the paramecium population in a manner of speaking to provide a Jacob’s ladder to God in eternity. The worldly body must perish along with the Universe eventually yet saved souls acceptable through faith in God may continue with God beyond the end.

Since original sin has a variety of economic system’s applications for non-renewable economics without rational recognition of non-renewable criteria and criteria for individual human needs concatenated various economic systems are always falling behind. They fail to serve all of the population. Mass economic systems tend toward maturation as organization clones with hierarchical trophic orders. Wall Street and the Soviet Communist Party each were elite collectives controlling the allocation of wealth and resources. Better value theories are required if mass human needs are to be satisfactorily met. The problem really isn’t in means of production or who owns that so much as of scale and of how much material each human needs to exist to live and create.

One might set standards for how much non-renewable mass individuals could transform with entropy added annually and calculate a fair share for all on Earth. Obviously high-value materials use that creates more value with less material consumed would enable individuals to become wealthier than those that have simple consumed much mass such as resource extraction industries like oil. Britain has particular problems of land area and population density not yet experienced by the United States. Britain sorely needs intelligent politicians of which it is lacking except in the area of guile where a certain genius prevails.

As an emergency measure I suggest Britain through itself on the mercy of Israel or China and plead to become part of one of those nations so better political and social organization could prevail. Also Britons should take the pledge and stop drinking booze.