Increasing Efficiency and Quantity of Electron Throughput?

This is just a note on a thought that occurred to me about the possibility of getting more electrical power to flow through a conductor given a constant power supply. Obviously a super-conductor is one approach to increasing through-put, yet might not there be others?

I am not a physicist. These ideas are thus quite basic. If one does not leave such ideas somewhere publicly in case they have merit they might be lost. So…
The concern is how to get more electrons to flow through the line. An electromagnetic field moving around with a power source knocks electrons loose that flow through a wire-the question to me is how the intersecting field displaces electrons and pushes them onward creating a flow.
Would it be possible to refract an electro-magnetic field or to reflect it like one does light with a Fresnel lens to increase its power before it hits the line? Would it be possible to increase the quantity of electrons at point A on the line that would be hit by the moving electro-magnetic field with some kind of pre-interactive electron concentrator or field shaping tech?

That’s it.