President Obama’s Mid-East Policy Has Inspired a New Generation of Terrorists

Analysis of what went wrong in the hand off from the Bush administration to the Obama that allowed ISIS to develop to the point of declaring a Caliphate may take many angles. The Atlantic has a good article. There are other things going wrong besides non-comprehension of what the ISIS terrorists are.

If ISIS is a pro-Muslim terror organization aiming to stimulate Armageddon the Presidential language refers to the political concern as ‘violent extremists’ as if they were Republicans or anti-homosexual marriage partisans through other means. Not even the Republican oil economic political team wishes to bring the world to Armageddon, although like ISIS some Christian evangelical organizations believe that a tribulation is ahead and an Armageddon is in the stars, cards or political future.
Muhammad the slave-owning inventor of a synthetic religion seems to have made the same mistake that pre-trib Christians do in interpreting the Revelation of John incorrectly. Pre-trib Christians think that John’s prophecies referred to times thousands of years in the future largely. Muhammad in manufacturing his amalgam of Christian and Jewish ideas misinterpreted the Revelation like so many others. That error about end times and apocalypse has infected much of the oily political world and is a good rationale for fatalistic war and terror.
 The pre-tribs and pre-Apocalyptic crowd tends to regard those not anticipating chaos, war, death and orange explosions as fruitcakes. Also the Apocalyptists have deterministic doom soon as an excellent recruiting and revenue-enhancement spiel.
Preterists such as myself (after reading Gentry’s book ‘The Beast of the Revelation’ and ‘He Shall Have Dominion’ think that John’s prophecy’s were about an apocalypse that actually happened in the first century when Nero and Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire and Jerusalem was destroyed. It was a brilliant prophecy yet those reading centuries later probably didn’t think it too significant (though as many as a half million were killed at Jerusalem). The mistake is quite meaningful however when one considers that entire lunatic paramilitaries and wars can happen with people trying to fulfill a wrong prophetic outline.
 Muhammad was not just a political-religious inventor; he was wrong. Probably if Joe Biden had read the Bible and invented a religion of his own drawing upon additional sources it would have turned out as wrong as Mohammed’s. Fundamentally the problem with ISIS is that they have lots of weapons from the Bush and Obama administration activities in the Middle East and that saturation of weapons will persist to fuel terrorist conflict for some time.
The left and right will tend to want interdiction conflicts with different theoretical goals to quell the uprising of lunatic insurrections would would think. With the U.S. military now being queered by homosexuality and an administration developing homosexual marriage it is understandable that many people outside the sphere of immoral evil politics would wish to resist American occupation forces with their lives-one can’t blame them in that regard, yet the killing of civilians is reprehensible. The Obama administration is guilty of trying to overthrow the Assad administration obviously and that has put them on a par with ISIS. Though civilians in America hire proxy soldiers called volunteers to do their dirty work these days and the U.S. Government uses war as a substitute for intelligent thought because it profits some corporations perhaps there is a need for deep political thought in D.C. before blundering in to doing something just for the sake of doing something-that gets expensive and can be harmful to U.S. national interests. It is equally possible to do nothing and let a bad situation get worse. That is why voters should elect intelligent leadership with good ideas. On the Wisdom of God by Thomas Watson