Where Neanderthals Mentally Inferior or Extirminated With Biocide?

When Scientific American featured a Neanderthal head on its cover for February 2015 featuring a claim to be able to look into the mind of the 39,000 year extinct human cousin it reminded me of the hanging chad fallacy wherein select partisan vote counters could claim to know if a voter had intended to cast the ballot for Bush or Gore. The entire article though quite interesting does seem to evolve around the idea that the Neanderthal brain inferiority made it a ready takeover target for modern humans kicked out of Africa because of piracy and embezzlement of food (I made those points up for mind-reading of history purposes).

As much as 70% of the Neanderthal genome exists in ‘bits and pieces’ in modern European ancestry humans. As N.A.T.O. looks to make permanent annexation of the Dniepr River drain that is historically part of Russia, it can use the of Neanderthals replaced by humans as a paradigm for the inferiority of the brains of Russians that don’t know history as well as people in D.C. Humans were not just aggressive killers in taking over the Ukraine from the local Neanderthals-they were superior beings with highly evolved brains better suited for language and complex social skills such as embezzling, insider trading, historical revisionism, and so forth.
There are many technical points to consider regarding the inferiority of the Neanderthal. The Neanderthal brains seem to be a little larger than humans, yet so are whales and whales historically have been used for glue making, candles for whatever so that doesn’t mean much. Plainly the FOXP2 gene may have been profuse in humans compare to Neanderthal, and CNTNAP2 replication or doupleeganger genes vis human-Neanderthal may have been lacking. Yet it could have been something like smallpox or disease that killed off Neanderthal-much the way diseases that American Indians had no immunity to decimated their population. Maybe Neanderthals were victims of one of the first interracial biological wars in additions to being clubbed, hacked and ambushed by invading peoples from the south. Raping, looting and killing unsuspecting Neanderthals/settlements from the South and West may have been like later Mongol attacks on Russia from the East. At least Napoleon and Hitler were comparatively gentlemen in that regard.