Clinton-Obama anti-Christian War Machine Trying to Plug-in Godless New World Order?

When the Clinton-era military-industrial war machine took on Serbia it also derailed post-war reconstruction of east-west relations. Eliminating democide was necessary yet a bureaucracy formed that continued to attack Russians, Eastern Slavs, orthodox Christians and build up Muslim terrorism that was far more subdued when President Reagan left office.

The way I see it the Obama administration and the Democrat Party went farther over toward the dark side of the force the past seven years continuing a journey into immorality and evil started by the Clinton administration. The ambiguous, confused foreign policy is a product of the amoral confusion and perverse view of reality.

Democrat party theory coheres within not only moral relativism, it regards psychological and epistemological relativism as true so far as do deny objective facts and history. The consequences of such a political theory are to incapacitate politics except for the regression of evil and acceleration of moral decline while the middle class have experienced about a $2500 drop in average annual income and the poor and been erased from the picture entirely as poor as been redefined to mean illegal immigrants and undocumented aliens. As President Obama himself so often declares his membership in the rich class, the wealth of the rich has increased steadily with an economic policy consisting of zero interest loans to wealthy banks and buying up bad debt of wealthy banks.

The collapse of Democratic belief in objective reality is obviously inconsistent; while reality is regarded as being as phenomenal and conditional as quantum uncertainty and holography reinforced through arts and media the allegiance to partisan class interests of gender, perversion and ethnicity is paramount. Social reality hence transcends the collapse of objective reality though the principles of unbelief in physical reality and causality objectively conditions party politics too. The practical result of that is the concentration of wealth and lost regulatory grip on Wall Street, banking and globalism. The Democrat Party of yore traded its inheritance for a mess of pottage.

The failure to regard objective reality in a realistic way that categorizes physics theories to contrast with shared experience empirical reality is an abnegation of political responsibility. Though the long term trend for the economic and social equalization of individuals in the United States was an inherent element of the American experience, with the collapse of the wave train of democracy to become a spent wave in an age of fracture economic class disparity increases and even becomes a factor of social economic apartheid where economic class replaces race as the social boundaries on Earth.

Reductionism in science has generated a reductionism in the human spirit and competent capacity for social political common sense. Neuroscience has discovered so many elements of the brain and mind biological operating systems that the very existence of an holistic soul is rather eclipsed with disbelief. It is as if theorists discovering the functions and parts of an automobile in some primitive society discounted the ability of the car to actual drive anyplace at the will of a driver; as if knowledge of all of the parts made free will for motion in use impossible.

At the end of the cold war the ongoing conflict in Serbia brought confusion and uncertainty into post-cold war reconstruction of relations between the United States, Europe and Russia. With a terrible ethnic war in the midst of Europe it was necessary to intervene to halt the conflict and continue reconstruction of a post-cold war new world order. Unfortunately the unimaginative dullard bureaucrats of the Clinton administration continued the new bureaucratic inertia not to resume as if the Serbian intervention had not happened and built a health East-West social economy, instead the blind moles of bureaucracy followed the Von Clinton plan to begin the annexation of as much of Russia to the west. In 1994 a weak Boris Yeltsin (weak for too many reasons to mention here) signed away the Ukraine from the Soviet Union under heavy influence from the Clinton administration with its inherited cold war N.A.T.O. powers recently demonstrated by General Clarke in the cruise missile attacks on Serbia. Billary Clinton-an Anglophile Oxford alumnus swinger probably was pressurized by 10 Downing Street to help increase its continental land commercial advantages (Ukraine) in the long run, and that trend continues today as the Brits seek to restore as much of their lost global empire advantages through commercial power as possible.

The age of fracture approach to let the U.S. military and blind mole bureaucracy of military-industrial, media, Hollywood propaganda machine create a new long-term cold war with Russia in favor of a British led, neo-fascist immoral godless, homosexual marriage, feminist expansion through intimidation while arming Muslim radicals worldwide is not a wise policy. Age of fracture feminists tend to view their own class interests myopically and transpose their ideals for feminist supremacy and degradation of males with psychological reductionism upon every place on Earth. It is an unrealistic policy like so many others in the age of fracture that temporizes conflicts that never reach an end. In other words it is an inventive application of traditional original sin through other means.

Bill Clinton’s Anglophile approach to foreign and domestic policy (he was thrilled about British Thermal Units) served the anti-Christian left that had been at war to purge public places of Christian symbols for decades and that continued through the Obama administration efforts to compel church organizations to pay for rubbers and even abortions. The long-range effort to degrade and corrupt Christianity accelerated with the taking of sides of Muslims against the militaristic Orthodox Christians of Serbia (that had been corrupted by decades of Communist indoctrination). President Clinton divided Orthodox Christians and Eastern Slavs from the west in effect from Serbia and along the Dnieper River Basin.

Degrading Christianity in America and the west with secularization and science reinforced with abundant media propaganda coinciding with maladroit yet well intentioned crank-science versions of creation (they should read my book ‘Creation and Cosmos; The Literal Values of Genesis’ for tips [it’s free to download]) from evangelical Christians with a wrong-eschatology paradigm of ] continued through the 1990s and into the next millennium. Democrat administrations as well as the G.W. Bush administration built up Muslim fundamentalism and dumped weapons to the Middle East through a variety of means including support for insurrectionist movements (compare that with the comparative paucity of substantial Muslim terrorism before the Clinton administration circa 1990). The year 1994 saw the first W.T.C. bombing, Yeltsin giving up the Ukraine, the Waco burning of a Christian sect and children and continuing American-N.A.T.O. attacks on Serb Christians (perhaps nominal Christians). Though Americans too were nominal Christians historically the Democrat Presidents of late have continued to divide and conquer Christianity .

British leadership has been militant in the godless, atheist scientific imperialism that permeate the Clinton administration and shaped American foreign policy since. Sir Elton John was given a knighthood probably for being a militant advocate for queer marriage and for corrupting the United States. Advancing British imperialism through moral depravity, corruption of Church values so far as to advocate sin while reinforcing aggression against Orthodox Christians and Eastern Slavs in favor of British pug-nosed androgyny makes one wonder of Bill Clinton will be the next Bruce Jenner shrinking into the feminine mindset through ubiquitous social through control of a weak mind.

Christians are being purged from the Middle East as a result of the Democrat Party policy of anti-Christian godless atheism. Syria harbored many Christians and Coptic Christians are being beheaded also in Libya-a state the Obama administration ‘liberated’ with air assault and C.I.A. paramilitary help. Russian Christians are being rolled back east so British queer imperialism can expand continental commercial power over the Ukraine and elsewhere along the Dnieper.

The conceit of the left with ineffective neo-sophism about reality and sundry scientific theoretical world-views about human behavior as if they were rats incapable of reason destroys the political competence of political leadership. The polity is given media pablum and dissimulation yet they have tech toys and no moral boundaries except allegiance to secularist godlessness. Not only are they endangered for eternity as lost souls, the reduction of U..S. infrastructure and political incapability of fielding mass inventive applications of new technology undermines their personal and social environmental security.

Watson page 184 (Divinity) quote– “Christ took our flesh upon him, that he might take our sins upon him. He was, says Luther, maximus peccator, the greatest sinner, having the weight of the sins of the whole world lying upon him. He took our flesh that he might take our sins, and so appease God’s wrath.

(3.) Christ took our flesh that he might make the human nature appear lovely to God, and the divine nature appear lovely to man.

(1:) That he might make the human nature lovely to God. Upon our fall from God, our nature became odious to him; no vermin is so odious to us as the human nature was to God. When once our virgin nature was become sinful, it was like flesh imposthumated, or running into sores, loathsome to behold. It was so odious to God that he could not endure to look upon us. Christ taking our flesh, makes this human nature appear lovely to God. As when the sun shines on the glass it casts a bright lustre, so Christ being clad with our flesh makes the human nature shine, and appear amiable in God’s eyes.

(2:) As Christ being clothed with our flesh makes the human nature appear lovely to God, so he makes the divine nature appear lovely to man. The pure Godhead is terrible to behold, we could not see it and live; but Christ clothing himself with our flesh, makes the divine nature more amiable and delightful to us. We need not be afraid to look upon God through Christ’s human nature. It was a custom of old among shepherds to clothe themselves with sheepskins, to be more pleasing to the sheep; so Christ clothed himself with our flesh,

that the divine nature may be more pleasing to us. The human nature is a glass, through which we may see the love and wisdom and glory of God clearly represented to us. Through the lantern of Christ’s humanity we may behold the light of the Deity. Christ being incarnate makes the sight of the Deity not formidable, but delightful to us.

(4.) Jesus Christ united himself to man, ‘that man might be drawn nearer to God.’ God before was an enemy to us by reason of sin; but Christ having taken our flesh, mediates for us, and brings us into favour with God. As when a king is angry with a subject, the king’s son marries his daughter, and so mediates for the subject, and brings him into favour with the king again; so when God the Father was angry with us, Christ married himself to our nature, and now mediates for us with his Father, and brings us to be friends again, and God looks upon us with a favourable aspect. As Joab pleaded for Absalom, and brought him to King David, and David kissed him; so Jesus Christ ingratiates us into the love and favour of God. Therefore he may well be called a peacemaker, having taken our flesh upon him, and so made peace between us and his Father.”-end quote