Big Tax Cuts, Big Government & Starvation of Intelligent Ideas are the Problem

When Jeb Bush once registered as an Hispanic voter he made an error. At least he isn’t another avocado or rather abogado (lawyer) running for President, yet it makes little difference in the lack of good sustainable economic practice in the Executive branch-they have no better ideas than avocados.

With 42% of American citizens sharing just three tenths of one percent of the national wealth more than a hundred million people are being left out. Politics of all major parties have developed simple to serve the concentration of wealth with candidates specializing it fooling the people about their competence, intentions or plans to improve the decaying state of the nation. They outdo each other in finding ways to put a wet kisses on the asses of Wall Street, big banks and the rich-that doesn’t at all support democracy. The problem is in the leadership ideas of government rather than in its size. A big dumb computer program isn’t as effective as a smaller, efficient program, yet neither is a small dumb program effective. If the program is government executive leadership it may just let alternative operating systems exploit the vacuum of intelligent code.
Democracy today requires majority taxation on the rich to reverse minority concentration of wealth to such a degree that everyone has tools to work with and an ability to develop free enterprise and business for-themselves. As it is insider cliques use government as a support organization for concentrating wealth and decreasing the prospects of the poor and middle class (who occupy the 20% of national wealth the poor used to have since the poor slipped off the money radar screen blip of 1%). The rich are not necessarily the most intelligent-much of the wealth is a result of tax cuts and preferred networking of wealth tightening its grip globally. As money buys advertising and political influence, creates jobs and propaganda in the media, the rich own the political system. An heiress may earn more money in interest in a day than a working man earns in a lifetime. The poor may be wage slaves lucky to get work painting the homes of drug traffickers in California who contribute to liberal political campaigns.
Since the insider networks want to maintain the status quo they repress competition that would upset their emerging global business monopoly of united corporations. They will not allow political change or transformation of transportation, housing or the ecosphere to be rebuilt unto full recovery. In some way they will even repress the truth that the world population will eventually become a Christian majority for a time repressed by godless political leaders. That is the worst part of the witless elitist expropriation of free enterprise and democracy.
Taxation must be more than 51% on the top 20% of America’s prosperous simply in order to prevent monopolization of power. Political pluralism requires economic pluralism and a closer degree of political egalitarianism-not communism, state socialism or corporatism. A sustainable political equilibrium requires a healthy ecosphere, political pragmatism allowing change to support the freedom of all Americans from exploitation and economic infrastructure able to move toward sustainable renormalizable lifestyles for all individuals in the United States. Intelligent constructive engagement of government setting parameters for free enterprisers to exist in is not a government stand-down sort of witless libertarianism where the rich left alone consolidate power to become an oligarchy with dictatorial powers served by a fawning aristocracy.
Leadership toward a free egalitarian democratic world order with liberty and real economic justice for all in a recovering planetary ecosphere may not be a future leadership role for the United States any more. Like the prospects for Christianity the development of hope may need to arise in the world world where life has not yet been bought out at fire-sale prices by the few, the corrupt and powerful. At the least surplus tax revenues could be invested in matching grants for developing planetary colonization infrastructure after the national public debt has been paid off and as full employment takes hold.
 President Obama made the Bush II tax cuts permanent and gave zero interest loans to big banks. He would also like to make treaties with foreign governments without need of approval by Congress. Shifting around cheap labor over borders, cutting taxes everywhere on the rich are policies that support the concentration of wealth. If a President could make any sort of foreign treaty he liked without approval he, she or it could station for troops in the U.S.A. to put down future civil unrest about the concentrated wealth and power that takes over. If foreign born Presidents could be elected then a future President could live in Ottawa or Tehran and commune with global oligarchs to make tough decisions about everyone’s politics globally. At least if Democrats lose the next Presidential election one knows they may resume complaining about low taxes on the rich-since they only do that when it is Republicans signing tax cuts into law-and not themselves. That would make an interesting political show for a change.