Difficulties of Covenant Theology & Dispensation Theology

As a post-trib post-mill I must say that these two groups have incorrect eschatologies. it is sad that each generally haven’t read Gentry and thus miss the point entirely. Even House has a kind of Israel as a priesthood of believers ministering to the Earth-nation in an OT context that is apropos for a post-mill priesthood of believers hermeneutic though Paul House isn’t post-mill. Exodus 19:6′ And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation’-

Covenants may be contractual data about what people of faith must do to comply with the will of God, yet the will of God has a purpose of establishing a right relationship to God for the people of the kingdom of God on Earth empirically. People of faith-Christians, are to lead the world to God through the Lord. Yes, it is sad that each group goes on awaiting the tribulation for decades and centuries as immanent while failing to work pragmatically for a sustainable priesthood of believers increase missiologically until a majority arises and the Lord returns to lead personally…immanent doom is a better way to stimulate sacrificial tithing maybe when truth is raptured out of the education context. Even if the Lord were to return next year it would already have been anticipated for a millennium as immanent.