The Obama-Iran Nuclear Security Deal

President Obama’s recent neo-treaty leads us to wonder about the bottom line; what does the treaty do for U.S. security from Iranian terrorism or I suppose terrorism from America, if any exists, upon Iran. America will never use nuclear weapons to vaporize Iran unless its really necessary. Moving beyond that point to the meat of the issue…

President Obama gives Iran just 15 years to research the finer points of nuclear weapons building and refinements and upgrades to weapons delivery technology such as I.C.B.M.s. I suppose that enough time and a good way to make the students work hard before resuming unlimited production of weapons grade U-238 in 15 years if they choose.

What the U.S.A. gets out of the deal. For 15 years Americans won’t need to worry about Iranian nuclear weapons construction unless Iran already bought some plutonium or highly enriched U-238 from Kazahkstan in 1999-2000 and hid it in the desert 30 paces left of the dead camel visible near a shadow of the full moon by the water hole several miles west of Tehran.

What Iran gets. Free trade with the west and Wall Street with potential for carpet sales to Wal-mart. Time to build up the usual Muslim hatred toward a nation with a gay-friendly military and homosexual marriage, opportunities for tourism to Boston, defense from potential Israeli attack on peaceful nuclear weapons research facilities.