Saying White Policemen Shot Black Man When They Mean Hispanic

Recent coverage by N.P.R. of stories concerning shootings of blacks by white policemen leave lingering question of what they mean by ‘white’. As a former commercial house painter I am well aware that while there are many shades of white yet there are more colors that aren’t. Thus arises the question regarding Policeman Santana; are Hispanics white or is Hispanic a color at all? On the question of why Sylvia Pojoli won’t roll her r’s when she says ‘Rome’ I can’t say-one can only hope she starts soon.  U.S. population 320 million today

Clearly in the Zimmerman-Treyvon Martin the initial crace reports of a white policeman killing a black turned out to be somewhat off-color base. Zimmerman was Hispanic with some black tint added to his pot, and presumably some Amer-Indian ancestry as well even if it were Arawak or Carib. Santana though isn’t a good English or Germanic name, neither does it suggest that his friends call him ‘Swede’ or ‘Dutch’.

It turns out that the slurred phonetic pronunciation of ‘Slager’ as ‘Santana’ on an NPR report (that’s hown it sounded to me before I fact check with the old relaiable www made the issue arise for me to start with. Print is simpler to disambiguate that sound and sound-waves. The Slay-ger killing of a ‘Given’ was one between people that were not complete strangers. Mr. Givens had earlier filed a complaint against Slayger for brutality in a tasing incident resulting from a case of mistaken identity after a complaint by a sister or sister in law against his given’s brother who Slayger said to be a ‘look alike’.  note-the victims name was evidently Walter Scott rather than Givens. A color coded laser scanner may be more reliable along with face recognition software (see below) for disambiguating these sad incidents selected for national race relations symbolism, political reconstruction and gathering voters together in election years). Without a lot of black billionaires it may be a while before a black is more than a token in the U.S. Senate. Maybe Michael Jordan or another sports millionaire will need to stand for the Senate.

Such is the problem of getting involved in dangerous family situations. Maybe Slager need facial recognition software. Slager is a name originating in Saxony of Germany. Tough people that probably ate a lot of potato pancakes in former times. Maybe policemen should have little drones on their cruisers to fly around and ask nice questions before sticking their foot in the trap themselves.

 In the United States the distinction between Hispanics and whites is considered so important by the U.S. Government that they are different categories on census style questions. Many other government agencies also identify Hispanics in a separate racial category than white in order to direct funds segregated for specific ethnic and racial enabled classes. Does N.P.R. intentionally mislabel individuals that are Hispanic as white in order to a throw accelerants of anti-white feeling onto black ears blacks or support sympathy for illegal immigration?

Probably in some parts of America there are I.Q. challenged real white policemen or women that might shoot some black soul because they don’t do Wing Chung or Akido and their reasoning is somewhat prone to simplistic non-sustainable instant solutions to external threats. Unless a white is from a blue collar background it may be difficult to have interest in being a policeman these decades. With the decline of the white male blue collar prime wage earning sector a different sort of individual seeks to become a law-enforcement officer and career government worker with good retirement and pay benefits. If more white’s move into energy-efficient yerts they may better understand  black communities of the Mid-West?

With 250 killed by policemen each year in America and 50 policemen killled by felons it is plain that policemen have an edge in kill compilation-yet there are more criminals than policemen so the ratio seems logical. Killing is of course a sin-yet how many know that Olld Testament law was intended to correct and lead toward salvation and a right relationship with God rather than as salvation in-itself for people technically complying with the law. The law followed just outwardly did not require a faith in God or love of God any more than Benedict Arnold’s outward compliance with revolutionary laws confirmed his love for the spirit of the revolution and hatred for the devil British aristocracy.

When Hispanics draw a gun and shoot at a fleeing or attacking black man it may be that they do so for different reasons than would an actual non-Hispanic white man. White policemen in heavily minority areas may have different early childhood economic socializing history than that of Hispanics. In Anchorage Alaska five years ago it was discovered that an Hispanic policeman was actually an illegal alien that had been on the force 13 years. The point is that blaming white policemen for Hispanic police crimes does tend to reallocate political and promotion opportunities from white to Hispanics as well as from whites to blacks. When redistributing work for the government rights from white to minority groups that are becoming a majority it is worth being fair and not allow goal-tending by Hispanic officers to reallocate hiring, promotion and pay benefits from whites to themselves by shooting blacks while the media describes them as white.

In much of the U.S.A. foreign and internationally networked drug and criminal gangs have as much growth potential as government. With so many people from the same backgrounds in first or second generation south of the border socialization there are different reason why an Hispanic officer may act different than a white officer-if a white officer would even exist to serve in that role. It is interesting though that proportional law enforcement to demographic composition demands reflect a desire for same-race policing and segregation rather than a desire for a professional and ethical class of law enforcers.

In Mel Gibson’s movie ‘Get the Gringo’ a fleeing bank robber leaps his car over a ramp into Mexico where he develops a relationship with corrupt Mexican policemen while he is incarcerated in a Mexican prison. A corrupt U.S. consular official in Juarez wants some of the cash Gibson supposedly hid from the robbery too. A few hundred shots are fired in the film. Plainly one can see that whites and Hispanics shoot for differing reason in the film though the will to kill or maim is shared across the racial and ethnic divide. So we may ask-what is the take away from that. The answer; probably nothing. More surveillance of police officers on the job may be needed to cut down on police crime and to convict arrested offenders as well as to let Big Brother and his computer artificial intelligence puppet master toy with all of the poor and middle class.

The problem would be easier to resolve if every squad car had a laser color scanner such as is used in Wal-Mart’s paint department to identify colors down to the angstrom level. Each car could scan an officers color and an inboard computer could have a read-out on the windshield that lets the world know that the car is being driven by color code FFFFFF or color code 000YRT today-back off jack!

In summer months when excess solar radiation darkens white skin the coding might be suspended-well at least more accurate color or race labeling could proceed during late winter months.

Besides accurate color coding of belligerants for media data there are innumerable tech remedies for problems that law enforcers have with accurate response on the street both diagnostically and responsively.

A roof-top streamlined tech package with powerful directional microphone to record voice and ambient sounds, a 100 power digital camera with face recognition and wifi to HQ database capable of infrared and low light observation, and a Harvpoon taser cannon to replace gunshots as immediate apprehension and indirect data gathering tools are readily available at low cost-even with several easy payments of $19.95 to someplace I am sure on approval of credit.

Would any quick-response SWAT team be complete without a pneumatic watermelon air cannon door breaching multi-tool able to launch high velocity multi-purpose watermelon carriers to breach doors, deliver knock downs, launch a pinyatta full of crackerjack bow crowd control packages and etc? In a variety of colors and materials suitable for every sort of perp control watermelon cannon may be the rage in the fall season.

Why wait in the dark for perpetrators to ambush you when you can listen over-the-fence, around-the-corner or in the car ahead to persons of interest conspiring to snuff the pig? Why not send a retrieval drone to the traffic stop car-of-interest like a flying tray at A & W. for an driver’s license and photo of the perp instead of walking up yourself to get shot on a dark and stormy night? Certainly law enforcement deserves tools good enough to keep up with the cell, phones and surveillance networks of criminals able to broadcast, frame-up and take down virtually any vulnerable police officer?