Slager Beamed Up Mr. Scott; Why?

Findings of fact and conclusions of law are two important procedures of honest legal proceedings. One must ask if a police officer in a fight who becomes tased by an attacking fugitive might has progress concurrent with the racial-political expeditious conviction.The famous video of Police Office Slager shooting Walter Scott starts with the pair facing each other, each bent over at the waste at about a 45% angel straitening up. It appears that Walter Scott’s left arm is also in contact with Officer Slager’s neck or shoulder and it is immediately withdrawn as he straightens up, rotates around and continues running away. Something small and black like a taser appears on the ground in the instant, in between Scott and Slager, when Scott’s arm is withdrawn.

Viewers see the end of a fight or scuffle-not the bulk of it. Starting with the end of the entanglement observers see Scott run away while Slager draws a pistol and shoots at Scott until he drops.

The U.S. Government and the 1% of Wall Street practicing financial incestuous are a 1 or 2 degrees of separation family of predators that a black anti-white police movement ignores acting while acting as hound dogs trying to tree a coon (white policemen). Economic injustice for the poor and middle class concerning the declining fair apportionment of the nation’s wealth is the underlying best explanation for decrepit social conditions supporting crime requiring challenging police work of interdiction. The free enterprises of the Earth are like a water catchment system that is bringing the flow of wealth to the deep oceanic pool of the 1%. Every little stream contributing to the flow pays a percent to the rich that allow the rich to buy or redirect every little stream.

The poor and middle class are increasingly becoming dopey, dumbed-down global villagers watching the ‘trickle-past’ effect and blaming police for the drought condition. The problem is the Democrat Party power support sucking up wealth for the rich. Hillary Clinton has returned to a race to be the next immoral leader of a Satanically perverted Presidency and become the Democrat Party’s most powerful sucking up and redistribution tool to the rich in 2016 giving the business and vacuuming up hopes and financial prospects of the poor. Extreme asymmetric concentrated political power arises with extreme asymmetric concentration of wealth. When large racial minorities believe the race rather than objective class economics is the main problem concerning them as Americans the Clinton-Obama shills for the rich globalists destroying Democracy and replacing it with corrupt Demo-Sukocracy lose political meaning.

It should be known that addressing adverse individual interactions of police with blacks will not solve the social circumstances that generate macro-social behaviors of a confrontational nature of concern to the racist team. Ignoring the small world incest of media, government and Wall Street where any city on Earth is just chump change away and the local nations of morons outside the incest loop of those inside the governing beltway is dangerous practice reinforcing the decline of democracy, and small scale free enterprise and the rise of oligarchy, institutional corruption, tyranny, wage slavery and end of individual civil rights in favor of class clan and racial privileges with special state preference for perversion in the citizenry. President Obama has led a godless counter-reformation to instill anti-Christian values in the nation for some perverse reason. NPR ran a story today on infant baptism and of lesbians being denied that service by a Christian minister in North Dakota. NPR hasn’t competant awareness of the history of the protestant reformation and its struggles with the very complex issue of infant versus adult Baptism. Many people died over the choice they made in the aftermath. The issue involves elevtion and pre-destination, it is subtle and meaningful. The unsaved of course go to hell, yet it is comforting to know they deserve it.

It would be unreasonable to expect a Christian to baptize a child into a reprobate, apostate or atheist home environment as if the kid would be supported in sanctification and justification learning the saving grace as a work in progress. A rightly raised Christian infant may be baptized and forgo adult baptism because he has long been a Christian before becoming an adult. To be baptized again would be to deny that one was already a Christian, yet to be wrongly raised with anti-Christian values that sanctify sin would be wrong too.

Adult baptism is genreally for those converted from a state of non-faith, and that is a good thing although I believe that one is properly baptized when one receives the Holy Spirit through faith. In no case should the tramping federally supported NPR be involved in religious issues and try to coerce people into supporting sin as a Christian article. NPR and federal radio is a kind of above-the-law super-propaganda machine, and an advocate of sin, chaos and confusion through the air. Though the Obama administration may be full of atheists perpetrating the promulgation of sin and forcing evil upon the masses, it should heed the separation of church and state and just butt out of religious issues instead of sneaking around with its Satanic anti-gospel though NPR.

Neither should Democrats distract black Americans for important economic issues that united them across the board with the 50% of Americans with less than a half of one percent of the nation’s wealth and the 80 % of Americans that have only 20%. Americans want honest and equal legal justice obviously, yet racism as a primary political issue that misses the positive goals of betterment of all Americans is just daft. The Clinton-Obama administration counter-reformation is depraved, corrupt and an evil trend in American history.

In the beginning, Slager pulled over Mr. Scott in his beamer (or Mercedes) maybe for a broken tail-light. He walked to Scott’s car and appeared non-threatening. Officer Slager returned with Scott’s I.D. to his car presumably to radio in a check for possible warrants. Scott used that opportunity to look back to Slager’s car once before abandoning his car to run as fast as possible away. Scott appears to have had a passenger in the car with him. The question arises-why did he flee? From that point he put himself at risk as policemen would tend to believe that felons would be those likely to try to escape to avoid arrest.

So from the time that Scott set off running until Slager caught up some time passes apparently not captured by video. The next video begins with the end of a confrontation and probably arrest attempt during which both men end up facing each other and a taser or communication device perhaps, is dropped to the ground.

It is plain that Officer Slager did not just get tired after running after Mr. Scott so he stopped, drew his weapon and fired. Instead a scuffle or fight broke out wherein Mr. Scott resisted arrest and possibly tased Slager, or tried to tase Slager. Obviously Scott wasn’t tased if he was able to run away again. Could Slager have been tased or partially tased himself and yet been able to continue standing and draw and fire his weapon at Mr. Scott running away?

Would Officer Slager in that instant after being tased have had clouded judgment about weather or not to shoot? His taser gone, somewhat dazed did he instinctively draw and shoot at threat source of pain that resisted arrest? Was Officer Slager usually such a poor shot that he would need 8 shots to hit a moving target? Probably aware that he was being videoed, did he walk lethargically yet methodically, failing to provide immediate first aid, still somewhat dazed?

Those are grim questions they will be asked if Slager can afford competent legal council. Shot in the back is a classically damning phrase that Slager must have been aware of. He would normally be aware of the global focus on white American police officers and the desire of the left to obtain video of police brutality the past two years, and that such an action as shooting a suspect in the back would endanger his own future.

Obviously impartial review of police killings-something like an external affairs bureau staffed with ordinary people of a public nature providing information to the public about its findings, would provide more transparency. Also evident is the political nature of the current movement to capture police shootings on video. The mayor of North Charleston swiftly fired Officer Slager so he would not be liable for lawsuits or political damage to himself for keeping Officer Slager in the employ of North Charleston. That raises the question of weather or not Officer Slager will be able to afford competent council to for self defense. Perhaps even the police union will through Slager to the mercy of media piranha and the courtroom on his own. No one wants involvement with the premise ‘I’ve got your back’ premise for former Officer Slager since the meaning given it by Officer Slager..

The shooting of Scott running away appears damning. Slick professional sounding analytical videos has already appeared on Youtube with characters of the belligerents starting with Scott running away and Slager shooting Scott in the back. Slager needs eight shots to hit Scott once? Was Slager really that bad of a shot or was he a little fogged by an electric jolt to his brain? What is missing from the analysis is the truth-a confrontation and physical conflict occurred in which the men were face to face with Scott’s hand appearing to be on Officer Slager-though the background in the real video footage is blurred and the background is too similar to the foreground in color.

Former Officer Slager has been tossed to media vampires and the Universe of Youtube all alone to provide a defense that no one in the media has an interest in hearing. Obviously Slager shot Scott yet the actual explanation for why comprise the difference between a justifiable police taking of life, manslaughter and premeditated murder. Once again a police officer in a dangerous field situation experiencing a felon resisting arrest (after the fight and possibly after the first flight Scott became a felon if he wasn’t already) used a gun and took a life. It is important to understand why that occurred however, and to keep legal justice on an objective and impartial rather than a racial footing.

Just because there are hundreds of thousands of felons and blacks with hatred of police and cameras to make videos of the unpretty interactions of police with felons on-the-street it would not be wise for the public media to swiftly take a side of bias against truthful and accurate law enforcement. For their own self-defense policemen will need to get their own cameras on to document interactions when making arrests. Rather than police oppression of blacks symbolically as a reason for pervasive black youth poverty, the problem is just the concentration of wealth. About 50% of Americans share not even as much as one half of one percent of the nation’s wealth.

Racial bias against white policemen will not solve the problem of police violence against blacks. In fact statistically if blacks or Hispanics were exchanged for whites the quantity of violence might increase. It is statistically low as I understand it already. The solution to police encounters with millions of sometimes hostile multi-cultural youth is more in breaking up the cult of concentrated wealth to reallocate quality employment and job security for the poor than in the interaction between police and criminals. Citizens with good jobs and with low unemployment in their social environment do not need to flee crime scenes and can afford to throw money to lawyers for defense. Usually they do not even get involved in the scummy sort of crimes that produce police violence-instead they move up and steal money through non-violent white collar crimes if they steal at all.

President Obama signs permanent, deep tax cuts for the rich into law, gives zero-interest loans to rich banks and none to the poor or middle class and comparative poverty increases for the majority of the people of the United States. In all that it is the police that take the heat from the cesspool of social corruption fueled by government incompetence and corruption that strikes out like dogs barking up the wrong tree on the immediate establishment contacts who oppose drugs and violence (that is where democrats have not legalized illegal drugs use). Creating a better society and restoring the ecosphere to health cannot occur with the spiral of decay created by chic globalization media in support of the most rich. Change should occur, yet the political competence to bring about change is in very short supply.

Troubled American blacks should make no mistake-President Obama’s policy’s have supported the global financial incest of the rich, not an egalitarian tax policy with economic free-enterprise pluralism. The financial incest will establish the same networks, the same corporations, the same franchises all over the world-; one small world with one race like mountain gorillas with one gene pool. That global incest will continue until the elite, incestuous 1% can start f’ing with real aliens. The 1 % have an idea that they are not transforming the planet population into homogeneity, but they are wrong. Still, ecological economics will still remain unknown on Earth in the Presidency after N.A.S.A. has found life on other planets within 15 or 25 years as N.A.S.A. has said is likely.

The rich own the sycophant broadcast media that propagandize, agitate, blow smoke up the a of the poor and middle class dupes they seek to program, divide and subjugate as wage slaves. That special above-the-law and legal structures over-the-rational-boundaries power of ubiquitous politically corrupting broadcast is an effective smoke-screen for the rich to use while they channel all wealth unto themselves.