The Clinton-Obama Godless Counter-Reformation

The Obama-Clinton policy of atheist counter-reformation with special support for homosexuality, attacks on religious liberty of thought and action, concern that baptism be given to infants held by homosexuals, abortion, mind-altering drugs and so forth seems to be consistent with global corporatist godless concentration of extreme wealth with degradation of U.S. nationalism and political disempowerment of the poor and middle class.

NPR got involved with infant baptism at 2 am this morning. A pastor in N. Dakota refused to baptize a baby a lesbian couple had. I don’t know if they were married or not. The state via their radio people aren’t reluctant to politicize religious issues such as this, and that’s a shame. The reformers, Zwingli and the Anabaptists had opinions that had real consequence. A godless counter-reformation is what is in progress.People lost their lives, or gave them, for what they beleived was true. The Obama administration people seem to think Christianity is a club that shouldn’t be exclusive or for non-homos only in marriage. I believe the sanctification of infants in baptism is fine if its the start of being raised in a Christian home because young people won’t remember when they were saved necessarily while adult conversion merits baptism. Though Catholics have a synergistic approach to amillenialism I still regard them as being saved when they have faith in the Lord as their personal Savior in spite of error in various doctrines. Yet not all Catholics are saved if they fall short of the minimal true criteria for salvation. Neither would any actual Christians need to be rebaptized, unless they want to, if they move to a church with a more accurate account of doctrine. PCUSA members for instance, that left the church after if became apostate didn’t necessarily need to be rebaptized if they became Baptists, Assembly of God people or whatever.