Hillary’s Second Summit Try with Generation Dead

Hillary’s second summit assault on the Presidency is being helped with the first aborted American generation-Generation Dead motivating her up the mountain as well as Bill’s coat tails. Generation Dead are the Baby Boomer’s lost life siblings for Generation X. Aborting millions and millions of babies increased the political power and economic efficiency of feminists. Instant social streamling deleting inconvenient protoplasm facilitated reallocation of resources and affirmative action synergy for feminists.


The first American generation to be regarded as protoplasm or fertile snot-more than 57 million souls, were conveniently aborted through a number of inventive means following Rowe v Wade. With the importunate obstacle of national health, youth and vitality removed enfeofment of American women to the peak of political power was regarded by feminists as sure to follow. Generation D would not exist to vote against her. Hillary could set her sight upon the vision of planetary power at the top though without bottled rhetorical oxymoron she might become a little faint and wobble a little in photo op steps.

Comparable perhaps to a feminist anti-Moses climbing with Sherpa generations of the Dead up a mountain to carve instructions of atheist immorality leading to a promised and of doom, Hillary’s homosexual followers seem to forget that Moses and that first generation were made to remain in the desert and perish without making it to the promised land. I hope the nation of doom will need to await a future generation and a future climber that is not one of those that first aborted a generation of Americans.

Femnists in contemporary politics labored under the misimpression that advancing class protoplasm distinguishable along the x-y axis, race and perversion coould degrade the rights of man to a state of universal protoplasmic amoral normality. Homosexual marriage zealots were simply too weak to defend manly rights and opted to become as women in their minds with feminists being too eager to acellerate the degradation and equalization of man with women at a lower level. Yet degrading mankind and reducing human beings too a subhuman protoplasmic political state ruled defacto by rich elites is not a step forward at all. It is a descent toward moral and spiritual inferno. Democrats need to readjust politics toward economic fairness at a traditional level. During the Democrat majority in the Obama administration the party voted almost universally to give permanent tax cuts to the rich. So long as the Clintons run the party, hell on Earth economically speaking will continue to develop.

The cleansing of Generation D from the American political landscape was a first in world history comparable only to the holocaust at changing a social demographic constituency in a ‘civilized’ country. Egregious sin was regarded as scientifically and morally preferable to self-discipline and allegiance to God where wisdom might develop even if learning from mistakes. Increases of wisdom with experience rather were disdained with narcissism, abortion and a dehumanized culture under the a pagan god of science, government and corporatism seeming to be a shining city on a hill where the 1% would live benevolently directing the protoplasm of the masses, shocking, cutting and excising it where it need be in order to maximize the efficiency of the 1%.