Europeans Weak on Solving Illegal Alien Problem (Who Cares?)

With personalized social suffering inventive, creative people such are forced to stop inventing things because there is no possibility of profit. They must stop trying to stimulate or reform the economy with new ideas and creative solutions because they will be persecuted and mocked for doing so. In America the rich are allowed to publicly suggest ideas for economic change that are substantial while the poor may be persecuted for doing so. The media can set the herd upon anyone in innumerable dissimulative ways. Correspondingly the rich are not persecuted because they can afford to leave the nation and retire some place else.

Sometimes one must lead or follow. Modern corpporate-socialist states evolve toward elites concentrating wealth with average proles serving under them. They don’t really have a will to find solutions or change society meaningfully for the good…it might be against their proprietary interests.

I thought about the European African migrant problem and came up with a solution overnight yet European bureaucrats would take days or years and the media would report that for days or years without solving anything. They let things go until the next crisis evolves to replace the old. Crisis affect the poor more than the rich.

Consider arresting the migrants at sea an relocating them to a free-immigration transit zone in Ivory Coast, Liberia or someplace thousands of miles away from Europe. The zones would be negotiated with the host countries and the EC. Human rights would be preserved. Social order is better than disorder generally. With order one may in theory make measured adjustment to alleviate suffering of the poor and middle class. In disorder the corrupt flourish, wealth and power are concentrated.


Human rights are not tied to national rights except in the case that humans cannot be forcibly relocated from their home country someplace else. Humans have no right to invade other nations – not even by sneaking under the wire. Humans rights provisions for food, shelter, clothing and personal liberty (asap) would be met while relocating refugees to their home region. Bus or some other regional transport to their preferred local destination would be provided by the EC from the Free Returning Migrant Zones.


If Africans need some sort of European help to create trade, commerce and creativity training camps that returning migrants can improve their lives in, the EC should get involved with that in creating a few dozen enterprise zones in various African countries. Instead of taking an I.M.F. or U.N. country-wide economic approach, particular training and enterprise skills to produce quality of life changing articles would be provided before the migrants return home. The skills centers might include building tetra-domes from local or component parts, installing solar collecting thin film and connecting to low cost l.c.d. lights, small gardening with water extracted from air with adaptive dehumidifiers designed by the EC. One need not wonder why bureaucrats and the media do not find competent or accurate solutions to challenging situations of social suffering since they often create more, not less. The Obama-Clinton policies in the Middle East have created more rather than less suffering and more rather than less violations of human rights.