Racial Profiling: No Black Confederate Veteran Ancestry

Popular racial profiling in the media generates countless stories of whites with hidden black ancestors or of whites with ancestors that owned slaves. A recent report was on the actor Ben Affleck’s family slave owning history. Most know that the Carters of Georgia were a great slave owning plantation family that got out of that business fairly early. Where are the stories of American blacks of mixed blood that have ancestors that fought for the confederacy?

Even before the civil war black slave owners were having sex with black slaves and reproducing mixed blood slaves. In Hugh Hefner black bunny heaven the southern aristocracy had an ad hoc harem of unlimited scale. Their mixed blood black slave children had ancestors that fought for the confederacy.

Instead of southern aristocrat gentlemen spending their time viewing private black on black fighting to the death as in Jango in Chains, the aristocrats probably spent their days and nights in love shacks copulating with hundreds of women each year. While a southern slave owning gentleman might breed 10-15 progeny with his respectable white woman, the majority of his offspring likelier were colored.

With the generations of interbreeding in America before and after the war there may be a large number of colored blacks that had ancestors fighting under the supervision of General Robert E. Lee and President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis. Millions of white Americans only immigrated to the United States after the end of the civil war, and haven’t relatives that weren’t in the war on either side, except perhaps later through intermarriage with descendants of actual southern warriors among the seven million citizens of the Confederacy.